Friday, September 30, 2011

Buisness make-up (airbrushed)

Hey there,

Yesterday I went to do a shoot for a TV-show there airing on Nov. 2.
The show is called 'Bellesa total' , which means in English 'Total Beauty'.
So Tuesday my Aunt called me and asked me if I was busy for the evening cause she needed a model.
Me thinking that models are supposed to be skinny and not fully shaped like I am made me confused, but I said I would do it.
We had to go fit some clothes at the boutique 'Nice people'.
The theme of the show was Etiquette, Business- and Casual look.
I don't have photos of the clothes. Only one of them. But in November I will get the rest and I'll post them for you guys so you can see them.

What I do have is pictures of my make-up.
The woman who did my make-up was Beth. She is specialized in airbrushed make-up.
It was amazing the way she did it. It seems easy, but I guess it isn't.
She did the base and my eyebrows with the airbrush.
The rest she did with her brushes because it was a business look so she had to keep it simple.
But I'll show you guys the pictures and you'll see for yourself!

 The Final Look ...

 With the first outfit !

So I hope you guys enjoyed it !
See you soon....


Monday, September 12, 2011

It's My Sister's B-day !!

Soo the day has arived. It's my Friend's (Sister's) Birthday !!
Today she turned 15
Nice age to celebrate !
So she had a  QUINCE-Party :D
And in my previous blog i wrote about a dress I was going to wear.. Well guess what !
I got the dress :D . The made it for me.
Keep on reading and you will get full details of my dress of the day

So like you can see . I made it a bit different.
I didn't use a gold strap. I just used a silver one cause I taught that would have fit my skin better.
My shoes I bought them in MIAMI . Don't remember the store so well but it was in Sawgress Mills.
My shoes are off-white with fuchsia and an huge white flower on the side !
I used as hairband a regular rubber band en i got a flower from a Necklace I had. I just pinned it on the rubber band and Voila ! 
As jewelry I just used 2 silver rings and 2 silver bracelets.
I used stockings to because yeah MOM said it would look great.

My Make-up was really plain. It was a light pink and for my lips I used a nude color lip-gloss from IMAN!

So yeah that's all for today.
Till next time :)
Byee <3

Olyboly <3

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hey Hey ! 

So like the titles says, Quinceñera, i guess many of you guys already understood that one ! 
My friend is turning 15 and I'm invited. I am one of the VIP's cause yeah we've known each other for 4 to 5 years.
And I just wanted to show you guys my dress I was going to wear.
I saw it on It is white and it is an one shoulder dress. 
The back is really sexy!! 
I asked a seamstress to make the dress for me. Let's hope it becomes a success !! 
I'll take pictures of the dress that day and let you guys know how it was :) 

Here are two pictures of the dress.

  <- The back of the dress.

          The front of the dress. ->