Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hey cuties,

Back again with another post.
School has been giving  us so much work and I am trying to keep up.
And as much as school wants to make my life impossible, Blogging can't fall behind.
I love this so much and I just wish that I could make this my job.

But now to the point. As you guys have read my Title, you guys may already know what this is about.
Karmaloop has another Modeling contest going on and this time I joined.
I always wanted to do this for a website and since this chance presented himself I took it.
So I would want to ask you guys to please vote for me.
If I can get the chance to win this, why not take it??
So this picture is what you guys will see to vote for. 
You can vote once per day, but you can always tweet to help. 

Hope you guys don't mind helping me. 

And guys stay tuned, because I got a Halloween nail series coming up.
Comment down and tell me what design you guys would like me to do.
I will make a video and try to post it every Monday.
And this Monday I shall post our fall nails some of you guys was waiting for. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nail Affair | Fall nail trending nail polishes and designs

Hey cuties,

Its been a while that I have paid attention to my nails. Gotta excuse that. With my health in danger I didn't do it.
Now that I'm so much better we can start again.
We all know that your nails can be your best accessories to an outfit if you don't like arm candies.
If it is a simple nail design, an over the top one or just a simple manicure with a topcoat.
They all matter, they all complete the outfit without you even noticing it.

Fall is all about dark colors, more warm colors that we don't really use in the summer, but this year they threw that dark color rule out of the window. Like they say: "Rules are meant to be broken."
Well they did. This fall more and more bright colors are being portrait in outfits and of course in the manicures.

On the runway we have seen from neutral / natural nail colors to bold and bright ones. Every designer has their own perspective how they want the trend to be this year.
So I am going to talk all about them. My style is a bit more daring in the Fall and I will be doing some daring nail designs for the fall, but this post is more for the less daring girls out there that want keep it a bit simple.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BOOHOO Blogger Challenge

Hey cuties, 

So you guys know that there are allot of challenges going on daily on the web, with allot of great prizes and the chance to meet new people. 
Well this time I saw a challenge I didn't want to pass. The £50 BOOHOO Bloggers Challenge is hosted by Fashionvouchers. Fashionvouchers is a site where you can keep up to dated to all the sales going on your favorite fashion sites or get voucher codes. 
This challenge is open worldwide so everyone can join, but when putting the clothes together you have to stay with the currency of "£".

So now I will show you guys the outfit I picked.

This week's CuraGlammer | JaseyJade

This week you guys get to meet a young blogger. She is the youngest blogger among the Team Bloggers Crew also known as TCB.
I interviewed her so you guys can know her too.

Name: Jade M
Nickname: Jasey / Jady
Age: 15
Occupation: Youtube / Fashion Blogger / Dancer
Hobbies: Dancing / Blogging

Tell us a little about yourself.
Well I'm a ballet dancer, blogger and of course a Fashionista. I love to laugh and I'am very friendly. I'm a person who loves to shop, so that is definitely in my list. 

Describe your personal style.
I'll go with Cute&Girly and Trendy.

Tell us about how you started blogging. 
That's I started using and I saw almost everyone with the tab 'Blog' on their profile. I really liked how everyone was sharing their own style with others, so I decided to make one myself.

What is your blog mainly about?
My blog is mainly about fashion.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Inspiration from all over #2

Hey cuties,

So you guys have seen that I haven't posted anything these days. Well that's because i had to take my tonsils out and I had an operation. All these days I've been sleeping and crying out of pain. 
Well seems like this month hasn't started really great for me. 
Hope I cure fast, so I can start eating again !  

So how was your beginning of September till now ?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Never ending summer with Berrysfashion101

Hey cuties,

So you guys know I do allot of nail videos or DIY and it has been a long time since I did something for you guys. I'm so sorry for that, but school has been keeping me busy and by the time I arrive home the sun has gone down so no more filming.

But enough of that. I have a new video for you guys and today it is a FASHION video.
Something different from what you guys are used to.
Berryfashion101 also known as "Purfict shades of brown"  here on Blogger and I joined together to make this Collab video.

This means you guys will see 3 different styles in 2 different outfits.
Berry, Nina and me are so different from each other, and we want you guys to watch this video and relate in one way or another.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What to wear to Curacao North Sea Jazz ? [night 2]

Hey cuties,

Today is the second day of CuraƧao North Sea Jazz.
Yesterday we did some casual outfits. Today we're giving the more fashionable outfits for the fashionistas that want to go all out.
Remember that you can wear what ever you want, but  stay comfortable!!
 Rompers and Jumpsuits are great outfits to wear. You can make them casual but you can tone it up to with your accessories. There are some people that really want to wear their heels and be really fashionable during the night. So this is a great idea. Just don't go over the top, cause you don't want to take of your shoes tonight. Remember you are not the only one there.