Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Curacao Carnival Diary : Runner up Carnival Teen King 2013

Hey CuraGlammers,

Today I got another CuraGlammer in the spotlight for you guys and it is Carnival related. Last Friday January 18th was the Curaçao Carnival Teen King & Queen 2013 election. This election consisted of most secondary schools. Their King and Queen participated for the maximum title.
I interviewed the Runner up Teen King 2013 which also is my fellow Blogger partner. Check his blog : Young CuraGlamV
So just keep reading to find out more about his journey and himself.

Name: Valdemir Valerius
Nickname: Valdi
Age: 20
Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Swimming, Blogging

Saturday, January 19, 2013

On it's way : Chiffon Leopard print Cardigan

Hey CuraGlammers,

I said that this year I wouldn't shop anymore, because I wanted to save money to go to on vacation this year. Well that worked for maybe 2 weeks only, because today I already bought this awesome cardigan I saw on Forever21.

I always do some browsing online and I saw allot of things I wanted, but I was particularly looking for an leather item or something leopard printed. I came along this BEAUTIFUL cardigan and immediately ordered it.

This cardigan has the leopard print and the leather accents to it so it is a score! Hope it does arrive well. As soon as it arrives I will be pairing some outfits with this cardigan. Maybe you guys can get it too. Just click here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Curaçao Carnival Diary | Tumba Hubenil 2013

Hey CuraGlammers,

As you guys can read in the title this is going to be a post about Curaçao Carnival. This year a group came up with a new idea to start a Diary of the Curaçao Carnival. This is to help everyone to keep up with the Carnival season. To check them out click here.

The Carnival season has started on January 5,2013 with a great Jump-up.
Even though we didn't blog about this Jump-up we are sure that we will be covering most of the Carnival main events that happen here in Curaçao. So this time we are covering the Tumba Hubenil 2013.
I saw the event on TV, so I will be reviewing the organisation and the TV production itself, Tele Curaçao.

Saturday January 12,2013 at International School took place the Festival Tumba Hubenil 2013. Where 15 teens participated to sing their Tumba to Curaçao. Every participant made their show as unique as they could with their own little twist on it.
Taken by Shotty [Source: Awortinkos.com]