Friday, August 31, 2012

What to wear to Curacao North Sea Jazz?

Hey cuties,

Like most of you guys know Alicia Keys is here in Curaçao for the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival.
This Festival begins on Friday and ends on Saturday. A great festival with all Jazz bands and singers.
Every year Curaçao holds this big festival that lasts 2 to 3 days. Allot of people from all over the world comes here to enjoy this Festival.
For the ones that are attending I decided to make put some outfit collages together.

For the girls that are going to wear jeans make it fun and comfortable. You are going to stand the whole night and that means flats. If you want a little bit of height its always a great choice to take flatforms. They are just flats with a wedge heel on the bottom. This will make you look elegant as well. For the girls that are thinking of bringing a bag don't hesitate, because you are walking around with money and your cellphone so it will be much better to carry them in a purse but choose a crossbody bag. This keeps your hand free for when u are animating with the bands or just when you are going to buy drinks.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's time for Shopping : Edging it up.

Hey cuties,

GOT SOME NEW ITEMS!!! I expended my wardrobe and my jewel box !!
I don't really shop anymore, but anything that has studs, spikes or rhinestones will catch my eye !
So I bought this white blouse with spiked studded shoulders. It was love at first sight.

1 year anniversary

Hey cuties,

Oh yeah !!! Today it's officially 1 year that I'm blogging !!!
To me it seems like forever.
So now most of you will say, how come so little posts. Well today I will explain the whole debate I had with my blog account.

Looking bag I didn't even know what blogger was. The first time I saw a blog was "Shades of sexy little things" shared her post on Facebook. I read the whole post and then I went and see the whole blog of hers.
It made me think like why not start one myself. I always have something to talk about.
So I made it, but after that I didn't know anything to write.
It took me a whole weak to write another post.

After that my days was on & off. Cause I wasn't inspired to write anything. For a while I though you know what... Let's shut it down but I decided not to. I don't like giving up on something until its proven not to be for me.
I started searching for more Curaçao bloggers to get more excited making this blog work.
I found "Confessions of this Shopaholic" and my first Curaçao Youtube Guru "Ashna". This gave me a push to keep going on.

So now I have been blogging more and more and now it gets more exciting because #TCB, #TeamCuracaoBloggers is getting bigger and bigger by the day.
And I am so happy to keep meeting new people that have the same love as me, but with a different style.

And to all the followers, THANK YOU !!!!
You guys always make my day when you comment, or when you just read the post.
I appreciate it so much !!

So I don't want to make this blog post super long, but you guys are definitely going to see more and more posts of me.
It may not be everyday, but stay tuned cause I have allot of great plans that still needs some tweaking, but the end product should be GREAT !

What do guys want me to blog about?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall fashion staples and color trends

Hey cuties,

Fall season is just behind the door for most people. Well not for everyone, but we still like to keep up with the trends going on around the world.
Even though the summer never ends here I'll still share some of the outfits that I saw that are going to trend.
You can always implement them into your style and season.
Make it unique, make it YOU!
Something we all know that comes along with summer is scarves, combat boots, plaid, leather and knee high boots
These are all items that you can incorporate in your outfit the way you wanted.
You can also bring items from the summer into your fall wardrobe.
Items to bring are the floral clothes and the cross body bags.
Some of the colors that will be trending in the Fall are peach, tangerine, olive green and brown.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school series : School supplies

Hey cuties,

Happy Monday ...
Now it's a new day of the week and for most of us its a new school day or first day of school.
Well last week I started an back to school series and posted about revamping school books. To read all about last weeks post, click here.
This week I am going to cover this post with all the supplies you need for school and some extras for the ones that have the same Major as me, Engineering.

Well let's get started:

First of all we are going to need some school notebooks. Some classes give out papers and homework that you don't a notebook, but the ones that don't you gotta have one in hand.
Some teachers also love for the students to make notes in class. So be prepared for that, because interrupting a class just to ask another classmate for paper can be annoying.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogger & Vlogger meet up at Denny's [Curaçao edition]

Hey cuties,

Back here with another blog & vlog for you guys.
Yesterday the Curaçao Bloggers/Vloggers had another meet up.
Last time we did that we met GlamorousGia, PrncszTffny and Msz.Aily.
They were born here in Curaçao but went to Holland to finish school.
After they left back to Holland to continue their journey we found out that another Blogger came here as a surprise.
I was shocked because I saw her before she said anything to anyone, but I wasn't sure since she didn't announce that she will be here.

Well after we found out, we all made some arrangements to go out and meet her.
We decided to go to Denny's for dinner.
It's a pity that Cristina couldn't make it to the dinner in the end, because it was loads of fun.

Berry & Nina

Friday, August 24, 2012

Inspiration from all over #1

Hey cuties,

Today I am posting all my fashion inspirations for you guys. I see allot of things I like and would want to remake for myself so I decided to share them with you guys. 
Maybe you guys can go buy them or make them yourself. 
Have fun. 

See you soon, 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashionable wishes #001 |Denim Cutoffs|

Hey cuties,

I've been wanting to buy some shorts since the spring has started, but I couldn't get my hands on them.
I made a wishlist on all of them and I decided to share them with you.
Since all these shorts are from internet sites in the international cities, I dont think I will be able to get 50% of them any time soon.
But its always good to keep a wishlist. Never know...
Maybe some day I will be able to get them ... Has some cute things to choose from. There collection isn't big but damn I've fallen in love with these denim cutoffs. They are edgy and different from what I'm used to here.
Something that will turn faces and make people ask where u got them from!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School series : Revamping your notebooks

Hey cuties,

So school has started for most people. Here at Curaçao all schools have started and allot of people are searching for some information and tips to start the new school year.
And I thought of starting this Back to School series.

First we are going to start with something that will keep you guys busy for after school.
Revamping your notebooks. 
I did it and it was fun.  My notebooks are less boring and they have messages to keep me motivated thru out the year.
So I'm going to explain how to make these notebooks:

1. Buy a bunch of boring one colored notebooks.

2. Buy some scrapbook paper, glue and scissors.

3. Cut out the pictures you would like to use for your notebooks.

4. Glue them on your notebooks in a nice form, just the way u like it.

5. Search for some inspirational quotes online and write them down with a marker on your notebook.

6. You can use some adhesive paper to seal everything in so it doesn't come off when u go to school with the notebook.

I did this with only one notebook, because when I got to the other ones I got tired.
But I am planning on doing the other ones soon.

What allot of you guys can do too is also let friends write some messages to inspire you thru out the school year.
For me it always helped. I let my friends write in my planners wishes they have for me for the year.

Some sites u can use to get some inspirational quotes like I did are:

Scrapbook paper are easy to find at bookstores or at craft stores so you just pic out some fun colorful ones that have nice prints on them and that are easy to cut out.
Try cutting them as neatly as possible, cause if the frame is ugly you will see it when you glue them on.
You can always print out some from you computer or even from magazines.

I also have another Blogger that have done this but with magazines.
You guys should check out her revamp on her own notebook and see if you can mix ours together to create some wonderful notebooks.

Remember that you will always be unique with these notebooks. Nobody will have them since they are your style.
So get creative and do what you can do.

So have fun while doing this at home.
See you guys soon and I hope to see some super great Notebooks this school year


Stay true, Be you! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

3 celebrations in 1

Hey cuties,

So I am back with an OOTD for you guys.
Yesterday I went to a 3-way party.
My ex his father had turned 50 years old, the parents celebrated on the same day their 25 years of marriage AND their company turned 25 years old.
So it was a big party for everyone.
Since I'm still part of the family cause I was there since I was 14 they invited me to go.
At first I thought we were going to have dinner, cause on the invitation there was a name of a restaurant. So I dressed up for a dinner, not a casual crazy party.

Arriving at the party I see there is a band and NO CHAIRS ... only bar tables.
I started to think that this night is going to be very painful for me since I wore my uncomfortable heels.
It turned out that it wasn't that painful, cause there was some crazy stuffs at the party that kept me busy the whole night.

Blouse: Jasons | Pants: Alankar | Shoes: Tatimar | Belt: The Front Row | Bag: Grandmother

What did you guys think of the outfit ?
See you guys soon,


Saturday, August 4, 2012

July's Little Black Bag

Hey cuties,

Well in the month of July I ordered my Little Black bag.
I was so excited to order because I saw some backpacks for back to school !
So you can say I did back to school shopping.

If you guys don't know. Little black bag is a monthly subscription website were allot of High end brands come together and sell some of their products. The products can be up to $80, but you buy them for $50 and later get 2 extra items in your bag.
You can trade all of these items starting from the one you bought to the two others you got.
You get a whole week to trade your items.

I bought a Nila Anthony leopard print backpack.
After that I got a Snake Skin necklace and a BCBGeneration bracelet. I also got a bonus gift that was a Anti Snap hair treatment product.
I didn't like the Snake Skin Necklace so I really wanted to trade it. I got allot of offers I did not like.  So I was about to give up but 3 days before the ending of the trading someone wanted to trade the Robert Rose 3 rings with me. So I took it.

The BCBGeneration Bracelet wasn't suposed to get traded, but I got a offer for the Nila Anthony bag ( a different one) and I took it. School is about to start and I need a backpack much more than a bracelet.

All in all I was happy with what I got.

I would really say it is worth it to pay the $50. Everything came out perfect. I loved them all.
So I hope you guys try it out and let me know how it was.

See you guys soon,

OOTD : Colorblocking for dinner

Hey cuties,

Its already weekend and that means for me studying again for another exam.
For other people it's party, drink and have fun.
So yesterday it was my neighbor's birthday and she decided to celebrate it today.
We went out to dinner at Larry's to have dinner.

I wasn't going to dress up but then my mom wore a dress and I wasn't going to wear any jeans.
I picked some of my new clothes that still had the tags on them.
So the combination came out perfect and I got the chance to wear some shoes I bought since January.
I didn't have a clutch or bag to use so I decided to improvise and use my wallet.

Blouse: The front row | Pants: Gimmicks | Shoes: The front row | Rings: The front row | Wallet: Aldo

So I hoped you guys loved the outfit I put together.

See you soon,