Monday, May 28, 2012

Nail Affair: Water Marble your way out of spring

Hey cuties,

So here we are again with another nail design. This one is so much easier than the first one and its more time consuming.
I did the water marble, a nail design that everybody has been loving for this season.
Since this season is ending we should say a proper goodbye with a proper nail design.
I filmed the whole process for you guys so you guys can go on to YouTube and see my video

Hope you guys like it and don't forget to at least leave a comment, rate or subscribe !! 


Stay true, Be you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SM Decorations : Quinceñera !

Hello cuties,

Saturday I had to do another decoration for the same friend I did the first time.
This time it was for his sisters birthday.
She turned 15 and he and his mother wanted to organize a surprise party for her.
They hired me and my friend for the decorations.
Unfortunately my friend had to work so I had to decorate the place on my own.
She did help me inflate the balloons, but the decoration was all me.
I think I did a pretty good job at too, but I'll leave that to you guys to tell me what you guys think.
Here are some pictures.

 So as you guys can see the colors of the party was pink, blue and white. Mostly pink since it was a girls birthday.
I didn't do allot with the decoration since we didn't buy allot of balloons and the place should be crowded other wise people would feel very uncomfortable in it.
Most of these things are very easy to make, but patience is the key.

This quinceñera wasn't any ordinary one. It was a very perverted one. That decision wasn't in my hand though. The mother and the brotther wanted something she'll never forget so in the piñata there was condoms and strings, tampons... All kinds of girly stuffs that I would really not give away at a 15 year girl birthday party, but to keep the client happy you must do it right?
So yeah just so you guys would know.

So I hope you guys hasd allot of fun reading my post and see you next time, 

Stay true, Be you ! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nail Affair : Aztec Nails

Hello cuties,

Well Friday I filmed a nail design tutorial for you guys that I finished editing today so you guys can go and see how my nails turned out.
It's a very colorful nail design, but you can tone it down if u want to or blow it up with allot of bright colors.
So you decide how u wanna do it.
Now go and see the link . FAST !

Hope you guys liked it.
See you guys soon,


Stay true, Be you!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

SM Decorations : Hello Kitty party

Hey cuties,

Yesterday I had my debut !
Yes yesterday was my first day decorating on my own, well with help of some people.
My first party I organized together with another girl was yesterday.
It was a baby's 1st Birthday party.
We had allot of things we planned to do for the party.

When we first heard that my classmate's baby was going to turn 1 year old on May 3th I was so excited to plan a big party for her.
Allot of people may think: " Really? It's just a baby! "
Yes we know that but we still wanted to do it.

So the first things we did was write down everything that we wanted at the party.
Then we decided the theme for the party, Hello Kitty.
On the internet we searched for ideas and for pictures of hello kitty to make some things.
We then wrote down everything we had to buy for the party.

Since I already help decorating with the most famous Party Planner here in Curaçao I was prepared to take the challenge and decorate for this party to.  Challenge accepted !!
So yeah the party was on May 4th.

The day has arrived and it was a long day ! We didn't find a nice dress for the baby so we had to go shopping on Friday to get it. Thank God we did found it !!
So here are some pictures of the outcome.

This is how the invitation came out ! Super cute.

The outfit was super cute wasn't it ?

So like you guys can see it came out pretty good.
Leave a comment in the comment section below to let me know what you think about it.
I really love your opinion so I know If I have to keep on doing this or stop with it.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's the Queens day!

Hey there cuties,

Yesterday was it the Queens day!! 
That's the day we celebrate the Netherlands Queen's birthday.
Allot of people dress up in orange, and the colors of the flag red, white and blue.
These colors represents The Netherlands.

In Punda and Otrabanda there was a sort of get to gether.
They come there and sell clothes, shoes, food. Everything you can possibly think about.
Dance groups come and perform and even bands may appear from out of nowhere and start playing.
It is a really crowded day since almost everybody wants to go.

In my  case I had to work.  So Sad, but I still had time to take some pictures.
Some of them my friend did for me since he was walking around doing nothing.
So I'll post the pictures so you guys can see.

Yes I have more pictures of breakdancing and popping than that I have of the other things that happend that day, but it should be a problem since you can see a piece of Curaçao and how we come together to celebrate The Queen's Birthday.

Hope you guys loved it.
See you soon,