Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Firework Show Real Deal

Hey there, 
Today there was a Firework show. It was the most incredible 15 minutes show I saw. 
I saw the show with some classmates and some friends. 
I had allot of fun and there were allot of people. 
I really don't have much to tell you guys about my day since i haven't done anything today but that and some shopping. 

Shirt: Hindu Place
Jeans: Hindu Place
Jacket: Buy Wise
Shoes: Tatimar
Belt: Friends' closet

xxx Olyboly xxx

Monday, December 26, 2011

2nd Day of Christmas

Well today is my Mother Birthday ! 
Yes the second day of Christmas. How lucky is she ?
So yeah we went to have breakfast at Hilton with some colleges and friends. 
It was fun for my mom of course since it was her day and everything but for me it was okay since I don't really like sitting with old people and talking to them. 
But I didn't get bored since one of my moms friends brought her son to the breakfast and he had his DS with him.
So we talked and played GRID . HAHAHA
Well that was my morning. Now I'm preparing to go to a Calender Shoot. 
I'll post something about that later maybe if I get to take pictures ! 

xxx Olyboly xxx

Merry Christmas

Hey everybody, 

It's Christmas! Finally...
All those countdowns, preparations and shopping. It has all come down to this day. 
Since at Home we don't celebrate Christmas I don't have pictures of preparation or anything. 
What I do have is some pictures of some nice work I did for the less fortunate kids here. 
There was this institute of girls under 15 years that don't have a home to stay or they can't go to their family because they get beaten up by family members. 
So I went shopping with my mother to make some gifts for them. It wasn't huge gifts but the things were what they really needed. 
I'm so happy I did this. Seeing smiles on these kids faces is the best gift you can ever get for Christmas. 

And to you guys. Merry Christmas!
Hope you had a day filled with hope, blessings, love and gifts
Let me know how you guys spend your Christmas. 

xxx Olyboly xxx

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Emporia with Cache Deluxe

Last night I went to a party here, EMPORIA. Cache Royale played there. 
It was fun but it wasn't really my kind of party. I didn't really dance like I thought I would. 
But yeah going to a party is better than staying home in December
That's the worst thing that someone can do in my opinion.

Dress: Mom's closet
Heels: Tatimar
Bag: Mom's Closet
Jewelry: My Pandora Box

xxx Olyboly xxx

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Dinner with Classmates

On 16 December we had dinner at La Bahia with the class.  From the 21 people only 6 came but it was great . We had a lot of fun together. Since this is the last year I will see them. :(

*Dress: Papaya
*Shoes: Magic Collection
*Bag: Magic Collection
*Jewelry: Grandmother's closet

xxx Olyboly xx

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Showcase

Hey there, 

Now it's been a while. So sorry . I've been working and studying for my exams so I didn't really have time to write something. 
Now we all know that December has arrived so there's allot of shopping we have to do. Going to parties and spending some quality time with family. 
Well I started my December working so I can get my money to fill in the month.
My work was so easy. Just filling in some information on a tablet so people can win prizes!
The first day I didn't really wore make up. But the rest of the days I did. 

The whole group
Working with the tablet
Well I had fun .. 
See you guys next week cause I'm off to learning now