About Young CuraGlam

Young CuraGlam is a team of young students from Curaçao that brings the fashion forward with a fun and enthusiastic twist.
We cover all fields of fashion from clothes to make-up and hair. 
We are not experts in fashion, but as you know. Fashion is just a word. To make it unique you have to put in your own style. 
And that is what we do here. Bring our style to the world and hope to give the world some piece of advice. 

At the moment we have two different student in the Young CuraGlam team. Sujenne Macaay & Valdemir Valerius are doing their best to bring the best of both worlds to make everybody feel at home. 
Because we know we can't hide it that men love to be in Fashion too and we often tend to forget about them.

About Sujenne Macaay

I am the Blogger and the YouTuber that goes by the name Olyboly.

I am a student at UNA and am majoring in Engineering. Allot of people think that it would be weird for someone doing such a manly major to be less into fashion and beauty.

I am very interested in the nail art world and into DIY. That's why I made the YouTube account, to help others who aren't that handy to be able to do the same.
Fashion isn't the main statement of my life, but little by little it's becoming to be more an interesting factor.
So on my Youtube account will be based on Nail tutorials, DIY's and Fashion videos, for now!

Why I started blogging & vlogging ...
I created this blog on August 8, 2011.
In the beginning I did not know where this blog was heading. I started posting just about almost anything that happened in my life, since I was bored and it was when I first started university. All my friends went to Holland or were still at my old high school. After searching for more bloggers I did find two bloggers from my own island, but never contacted them to talk about this blogging world. In the summer of 2012 when I went to help a friend of mine by doing her nails we started talking about the blogging world. She showed me allot of bloggers from the island and later on we finally met them. It was around that same time that I started with my YouTube channel. Which made me find the bloggers even faster. It was very exciting meeting the team and getting to know them. Now that I am officially a active blogger & vlogger I can say I am really happy. It became my job and hobby at the same time. I started spending time and money, got more courage to talk to people and my editing skills went out of the roof.
Also I got the chance to work with a photography team that has helped me allot with the videos and  pictures so all I can do is thank them for involving themselves into my blogging world.
Now all I can say is in a year time, maybe 5 years I would love to have made it pretty far.

What the future awaits for Young CuraGlam...
In the future we hope to expand the team of Young CuraGlam with more beautiful people who are interested in fashion and would love to make blogging a part of their life. This blog is unisex so everyone is welcome. And since we don't limit anyone with the topics it will be much easier for you to find your home here on the internet.
For the YouTube films I would have to say well just wait and see. Big things are coming and maybe YOU will be the next in my videos.

So to see more of me in the future, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube account and follow me on twitter. 
TO keep in contact with us you can find me on:
Email: Olyboly92@gmail.com

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