Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Eve outfit ideas

Hey CuraGlammers,

Got new post for you guys.
The year is almost over and most of us are making our New Year's resolution list.
Well I'm done with that list. I won't be making those any time soon.

But for those of you who are still worried what to wear on New Year's Eve I got MOST of you covered.
From casual to dressy. All of these outfits I have paired with heels but you guys can also pair them with flats. Make the outfit comfortable to your liking.

Me, myself and I will be wearing outfit number 1.
But Let me know which outfit you guys will be wearing if you had the chance.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year, great memories, great beginnings.
See you guys in 2013. And keep looking forward for more of Young CuraGlam with some new changes aswell.
Thank you for all the support this year. Love you guys so very much.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Holiday Outfits | One dress styled 5 different ways

Hey cuties,

It almost Christmas, in about 3 days. And allot of you guys are still clueless what to wear!
I was too until I checked out in my closet and saw all the single pieces in there. They were just laying around since I didn't have pants or blouses or accessories to pair with them. But with a bit of creativity I made them work and got 5 outfits for you guys by styling only one dress.
So less money to spend and more money for gifts.

First outfit - Fierce with pop of color 

The dress on itself is really simple.
Sinch your waist in with a metallic red belt to get the Christmas vibe going on.
Wear some leopard heels for some fierceness and pop of print.
Pair the outfit with a simple black clutch.

This outfit is a bit more daring since mettalic and leopard isn't ecerybody's comfort zone.
Since the oufit is a plain color you can also go for the zebra print,
houndstooth or even some spiked heels.
Go with what you like to make the outfit your own.

Outfit is great for going out clubbing with friends. Making all the heads turn to you. Giving you some extra attention that we all like.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas spirit with TCB

Hey cuties,

It's been a while that I've posted a blog post. Since I was super busy with exams, work and decorating the house.
Today I decided to share all the videos that some of the TCB members have posted to bring you guys in the Christmas spirit. If you guys want to see more videos subscribe to all the channels to keep updated with the girls and like out Facebook page,

Berry Styles has some tips for you guys. They will be really helpful for all of us :) Also a nice OOTN. Check out and see if you can get some inspirations for a different outfit style.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Event | Swarovski Edition, new fragrance launch

Hey cuties,

On Wednesday 28 I went to an event that took place at Kura Hulanda here in CuraƧao. The event was a new fragrance launch of Swarovski.
Swarovski is an already known name all over the world. From jewelry to perfumes.
Now they have a new perfume with a packaging that will blow your mind away, Yes ladies, you guys will love this so much !

Swarovski introduces " Swarovski Edition", an addictive fruity floral fragrance that is a must have.
The first in a collection of ultra-glamorous, limited-edition fragrances, its design is inspired by the sparkling evening clutch bags that the house of Swarovski creates, each year, exclusively for the stars of the Cannes Film Festival, the Hollywood Academy Awards and the Toronto International Film Festival.