Friday, January 13, 2012

Classy High Bun

Hey Cuties, 

I'm home right now, with nothing to do so I did this hairstyle. 
I don't have a tutorial on it but if you want to, ask and I'll do it. 

Here are some pictures.

Yes people I did had make up on in these pictures. 
If you wanna see the make up you can go on my Tumblr and see it on my profile.

Hope you guys liked it, 

xxx Olyboly xxx

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My goals for 2012 ! Top 5

Hey Cuties, 

We all have goals we want to reach for 2012.
I made a list of the TOP 5 I'm working on since day one of this year. 

 1. Finish my first school year with good grades.
Well I'm working hard on that cause it seems a bit difficult since I have to re-do 5 tests.
But I have these exams in about 4 days so I really need to start learning these things again. 

2. Lose some weight.
Since last year I haven't been losing so much weight. Whatever I eat go straight to my thighs, 
some also goes to my stomach. That runs in the family. My dad is fat if I may say that and so is his mother and father. 
So I got a part of that. So eating is my enemy but I still love it. 

3. Become a one year model
Maybe this sounds stupid but that is what I want. I want to see how the model world looks like behind the scenes. I want to model in at least 1 runway show and do photo shoots for stores and such things like that.
The reason for the one year is that I don't like being all girly and stuff like that. Using Make-up, wearing heels all the time and staying skinny. 

Maybe I will like it and I'll keep doing it but for now it's just a one year goal.

4. Go to New York in the summer.
This is my life long dream. Going to New York. The big city, and if I keep saving money like I'm doing I'll sure reach this goal. 
But we will see this summer.

5. Get a big closet.
I need a big closet since I have allot of shoes and clothes now. And I am planning to go shopping allot more. 
But don't worry, all my old clothes that I don't wear I give to the poor kids. 

Okay so those were my TOP 5 goals for this year. 
What is your TOP 5 goals?

See you next time, 

xxx Olyboly xxx

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stripes at De Heeren

Hey Cuties, 

Last night after I got home from work my boss  called me up and told me that we were going out partying to celebrate  her birthday. 
So I took a bath, got dressed and then she came to pick me up. 
We were like allot of young people next to my boss. We had allot of fun. 
Till next time

xxx Olyboly xxx

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year ... 2012

Hey Cuties, 

Happy New Year!! 
The end of 2011 has arrived and 2012 has begun.
This year it's time for us to make everything better. 
Make a list of goals and make sure that the end of this year you achieve them. 
With help of family and friends it will be so easy. 

I had an awesome morning. We had an get2gether at home where we ate and chatted and lid some fireworks. 
Later 6.00AM we went to the beach and jumped in the water with our clothes on. Then we rode in the neighborhood screaming like crazy people.
It was so fun.
I had the time of my life. 

Went sleeping at 9.00AM in the morning. All the girls stayed over. 
2012 started really good for me. :)

See you guys later.. 

xxx Olyboly xxx