Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Firework Show Real Deal

Hey there, 
Today there was a Firework show. It was the most incredible 15 minutes show I saw. 
I saw the show with some classmates and some friends. 
I had allot of fun and there were allot of people. 
I really don't have much to tell you guys about my day since i haven't done anything today but that and some shopping. 

Shirt: Hindu Place
Jeans: Hindu Place
Jacket: Buy Wise
Shoes: Tatimar
Belt: Friends' closet

xxx Olyboly xxx

Monday, December 26, 2011

2nd Day of Christmas

Well today is my Mother Birthday ! 
Yes the second day of Christmas. How lucky is she ?
So yeah we went to have breakfast at Hilton with some colleges and friends. 
It was fun for my mom of course since it was her day and everything but for me it was okay since I don't really like sitting with old people and talking to them. 
But I didn't get bored since one of my moms friends brought her son to the breakfast and he had his DS with him.
So we talked and played GRID . HAHAHA
Well that was my morning. Now I'm preparing to go to a Calender Shoot. 
I'll post something about that later maybe if I get to take pictures ! 

xxx Olyboly xxx

Merry Christmas

Hey everybody, 

It's Christmas! Finally...
All those countdowns, preparations and shopping. It has all come down to this day. 
Since at Home we don't celebrate Christmas I don't have pictures of preparation or anything. 
What I do have is some pictures of some nice work I did for the less fortunate kids here. 
There was this institute of girls under 15 years that don't have a home to stay or they can't go to their family because they get beaten up by family members. 
So I went shopping with my mother to make some gifts for them. It wasn't huge gifts but the things were what they really needed. 
I'm so happy I did this. Seeing smiles on these kids faces is the best gift you can ever get for Christmas. 

And to you guys. Merry Christmas!
Hope you had a day filled with hope, blessings, love and gifts
Let me know how you guys spend your Christmas. 

xxx Olyboly xxx

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Emporia with Cache Deluxe

Last night I went to a party here, EMPORIA. Cache Royale played there. 
It was fun but it wasn't really my kind of party. I didn't really dance like I thought I would. 
But yeah going to a party is better than staying home in December
That's the worst thing that someone can do in my opinion.

Dress: Mom's closet
Heels: Tatimar
Bag: Mom's Closet
Jewelry: My Pandora Box

xxx Olyboly xxx

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Dinner with Classmates

On 16 December we had dinner at La Bahia with the class.  From the 21 people only 6 came but it was great . We had a lot of fun together. Since this is the last year I will see them. :(

*Dress: Papaya
*Shoes: Magic Collection
*Bag: Magic Collection
*Jewelry: Grandmother's closet

xxx Olyboly xx

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Showcase

Hey there, 

Now it's been a while. So sorry . I've been working and studying for my exams so I didn't really have time to write something. 
Now we all know that December has arrived so there's allot of shopping we have to do. Going to parties and spending some quality time with family. 
Well I started my December working so I can get my money to fill in the month.
My work was so easy. Just filling in some information on a tablet so people can win prizes!
The first day I didn't really wore make up. But the rest of the days I did. 

The whole group
Working with the tablet
Well I had fun .. 
See you guys next week cause I'm off to learning now 



Thursday, November 10, 2011

School : Drop-outs

Hey there,

Now everybody knows what dropouts are.
We all went to high school or are going to high school.
This is something that happens every year over and over again.

This school year its like the worse case scenario I've been thru.
People changing their mind because they don't know what they really want or their parents pushed them into the school they didn't want.

There is something all students should know:
A) It's almost impossible to succeed in school if that isn't what you want to major! Doing something you don't like is not a great feeling. As a student and being a teenager we want to be happy and have fun studying.
B) At the age your in right now in high school it is possible that you don't know what you want to major. And we have the tendency to choose the one we think are the one our parents want or what we think our parents want us to take over. And that leads to drop-outs.

And also parents should know:
A) You can't obligate your son / daughter go thru hell by letting them majoring something you want them to do.
Most parents do this because they didn't get to do this in their teenage years. And now they want their child to succeed in this.
B) You have to let go of your child someday for him / her to succeed in life. If you keep on holding on to them, you keep on holding to their dreams. I don't think any parent would want that. If they need to go in another country let them go. As a parent you should trust your child that if he / she leaves they won't do something bad or forget about you.

Well this was some tips I wanted to give away seeing how my class is turning out this year and now that I'm hearing everyone's thoughts.
I hope this was really helpful in some kind of way.

See you next time,


Friday, November 4, 2011

Zouk Workshop by Pasty

Hey there, 

I'm so sorry I didn't post anything these days, but I was very busy. I had dance lessons and I went to an workshop.
When I got home I was really tired since I went to the dance lessons when I got out of school so I didn't had the chance to relax.

Well Thursday there was an workshop of Zouk given by Pasty.
Pasty is an Zouk dancer that was born in Curacao. 
He has his own website and Facebook page.

The workshop was really fun. I learned this sexy dance ! 
And the instructor ! OEF !! .. He's soo hot  !!

This is Pasty, He's sexy ! 
This was the whole group who attended the workshop

See you guys soon, 
And please learn dance Zouk ! .. Its worth it!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

OOTD, Hair and Nails !

Hi there,

Today I was thinking of going shopping, but the weather was really sucky. It rained most part of the day so I just went home.
But I took some pictures of my clothes, my hair and my nails.
And here are the pictures.

I just wore a plaid shirt I bought here in CuraƧao. The store is called 'The smiley store' .

I paired it with a skinny jeans i bought at Forever 21 on my vacation.
And i wore some high top sneakers. Brown and pink colored.

For jewelry I wore a pair of hooped earrings, my diamond heart necklace, and a bracelet i bought at the Miami Airport.

For my make-up I was really plain.
I used some mascara and pressed powder on my face, since I had school from 8 to 10 in the morning and I didn't want to be all dolled up for school.
Cause school is for learning :)

This is my bracelet. It has some beats in it. I support the breast awareness, that's one of the symbols I'll always shop for!
The rest are just some cute beats, like Minnie and Mickey mouse, the friend beat and a normal one...
Next to Mickey and Minnie there is another one but guess a took the picture in the wrong angle. Sorry ! :(

This is how my nails are looking right now. Pretty cool!.. There little cupcakes :D
I soo love them right now . The nail polishes I used are on the second picture, but I'll write down the basic colors. The art nail polishes were my own personal favorites I used, but you can use different ones. That's why I didn't write down what colors they were.
Nail polishes I used:
Jordana - Almond 125
L.A. Color - Magnetic Force NP415
Jordana - White 090

This is how I wore my  hair. It was in a high top bun and i twisted my bangs and pinned it in the bun. After that i used my bow hair pin, and just secured the twist in the bun whit it.

If you guys want an tutorial on this look, just comment down below and i'll make one as soon as possible.

See you soon,


Belated Birthday post

Hii there,

Well like the title said this is a belated birthday post.
On Tuesday October 18th was my birthday. I didn't celebrate it cause I had school from 8 till 5, had 2 projects to work on and yeah it was in the week so nowhere to go. So LAME !!
I did get some gifts from some friends and family.
The gifts I got were: An diamond heart necklace, a gold necklace and bracelet, a little black dress, some nail polishes and make up and I got a big cake.
There wasn't so much gifts but I'm really happy with what I got!

Here are some pictures
China Glaze Crackle nail polish, Milani nail polis, eyeliner, mascara and concealer.

My Swaroski pen <3

The little black dress.
I didn't take pictures of the necklaces. But I assure you that they are super pretty !!
See you guys next time,


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Promo Girl Flow

Hi everybody,

Yesterday was my first day of work ! 
I am now officially a promo girl for the Flow business. If you guys don't know it. Its an business of internet and TV-cable.
Well yeah I had allot of fun yesterday. I worked with 5 other beautiful girls. 
We did our best promoting, handing out 1700 fliers! 

Here are some pictures of the day

See you guys soon 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dreaming ... Never giving up!

Hey there,

Well the title says it all. Dreaming and never giving it up !
Everybody has a dream. Since you were a child you dreamed of being a princess or being a race car driver.
While we grow up our dreams change into something bigger.

I am a big dreamer and I will admit it. What I really want is to become a dancer.
I didn't attend any dance school ever. If it was a possibility I would have done it, but you know, everyone has their own life stories. And with me my mom didn't really want me to do dancing. So that was what stopped me from going to the school.
Since I didn't work back in those days I couldn't paid for it myself other wise I'd done it.

But I never gave up of becoming a dancer. I am still trying to learn the most dances possible. I never give up no matter how difficult the situation seem to be. The obstacles in the way are defeat able, you just need to try really hard to get there someday.

Some people give up after the first try or after the first rejection. Well one thing I have to say to those people is 'Change that!' or else you're never going to live. Rejection is a part of life and we have to learn to deal with it, no matter how much it hurts. That's what makes you better and after every rejection I say you are one step closer to your dream cause at one point after fixing all the flaws there will be one person who will see the good in you.
Same goes to not giving up after the first try. You need to keep trying over and over again! At one point maybe you'll say maybe that dream isn't meant to be for you. But if you can dream it why can't you put the effort in trying to make it. Maybe you won't make it 100% but if you have done at least 50% be happy!

And it's never to late to start chasing your dream. Dreams last forever. You have the time of your life to chase it and make it. So if it's not working out right now don't get upset. Maybe in the future it will work out for you. It just takes a matter of time and patience, cause you cant get everything all at once and without working for it. Don't sit back and wait for it to arrive, cause that's never ever going to happen.
Even if your a princess or a King. You gotta work your way to the top to reach that dream!

So it's up to you guys.
Dream big and let it go after a while or keep on holding till you get there?
I think we should just give it a chance and take every possibility you have if that really is a realistic dream.
Wanna become a dancer, pilot, chef, manager or something else? GO FOR IT ! 
Don't look back just keep on walking straight forward !

Hope you guys had fun reading,


Saturday, October 8, 2011

HipHop & Modern Jazz Workshop by Chico Suriel

Hi there,

You guys know I'm not a fashion follower, and I said in my first post I will blog about dancing. 
Well on October 6 I went to an workshop here on the Island. 
It was given by Chico Suriel, a graduated, professional dancer and known for his performance in "So You Think You Can Dance" 2010 in The Netherlands.
The workshop was on a school day for me, even though all other schools had vacation. That's the thing with University's. No vacation between the school days. Sucks pretty bad.
But yeah I went to the workshop anyway!
Arriving there I met Chico. Nice guy ! Then when the workshop began we all sat in a big circle and told everyone who we were and if we already danced. Thank God we didn't have to perform a little dance cause that would have sucked badly for me!
Well Chico explained that he danced with Taio Cruz and Usher. Some performance in Netherlands I think.
And he told us of a camp he went to in Germany to keep improving his dancing. And weird as it is. It was the same school I was searching background information of and was planning to go next year or over 2 years.
Here are some pictures of the workshop and I'll post a link down below here so you can see the Hip Hop training and the Modern Jazz training.

This was the group that participated in the Workshop

Me and my bestest Short  friend! she's a pretty good dancer !
Here we all have our certificate

Here are the two links :
Hip hop dance
Modern Jazz

I had fun doing it,
Till next time,


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Panda Nails, World Animal Day

Hey there,

Like everyone knows. On October 4 it's World Animal Day.
So I was thinking why not paint my nails this theme.
I searched for some ideas on YouTube and I found the panda nails!!
The were soo cute... So I thought why not?

First thing I did was use a base coat to protect my nails.
Then I painted 3 fingers french tip green ( thinking of the Bamboo that Panda's love!), leaving my thumb and my ring finger plain. 
After that I painted an half circle on my thumb and my ring finger, which is the head of the panda.
With the same nail polish I dotted the other french tipped nails so it won't look dull.
Then I used my black nail polish en made 2 big dots at the end of the circle, with a bit of space between them.
After that I made 3 little dots, the 2 eyes next to each other and the nose right under them in the middle.
I let it dry for a couple of minutes then I pick up my white nail polish again and make 2 small dots in the eyes.
After everything is dry I use a base coat again to seal my design so it will stay on longer.

Here are some other cute designs you can do :

Hope you liked it,

Friday, September 30, 2011

Buisness make-up (airbrushed)

Hey there,

Yesterday I went to do a shoot for a TV-show there airing on Nov. 2.
The show is called 'Bellesa total' , which means in English 'Total Beauty'.
So Tuesday my Aunt called me and asked me if I was busy for the evening cause she needed a model.
Me thinking that models are supposed to be skinny and not fully shaped like I am made me confused, but I said I would do it.
We had to go fit some clothes at the boutique 'Nice people'.
The theme of the show was Etiquette, Business- and Casual look.
I don't have photos of the clothes. Only one of them. But in November I will get the rest and I'll post them for you guys so you can see them.

What I do have is pictures of my make-up.
The woman who did my make-up was Beth. She is specialized in airbrushed make-up.
It was amazing the way she did it. It seems easy, but I guess it isn't.
She did the base and my eyebrows with the airbrush.
The rest she did with her brushes because it was a business look so she had to keep it simple.
But I'll show you guys the pictures and you'll see for yourself!

 The Final Look ...

 With the first outfit !

So I hope you guys enjoyed it !
See you soon....