Thursday, November 10, 2011

School : Drop-outs

Hey there,

Now everybody knows what dropouts are.
We all went to high school or are going to high school.
This is something that happens every year over and over again.

This school year its like the worse case scenario I've been thru.
People changing their mind because they don't know what they really want or their parents pushed them into the school they didn't want.

There is something all students should know:
A) It's almost impossible to succeed in school if that isn't what you want to major! Doing something you don't like is not a great feeling. As a student and being a teenager we want to be happy and have fun studying.
B) At the age your in right now in high school it is possible that you don't know what you want to major. And we have the tendency to choose the one we think are the one our parents want or what we think our parents want us to take over. And that leads to drop-outs.

And also parents should know:
A) You can't obligate your son / daughter go thru hell by letting them majoring something you want them to do.
Most parents do this because they didn't get to do this in their teenage years. And now they want their child to succeed in this.
B) You have to let go of your child someday for him / her to succeed in life. If you keep on holding on to them, you keep on holding to their dreams. I don't think any parent would want that. If they need to go in another country let them go. As a parent you should trust your child that if he / she leaves they won't do something bad or forget about you.

Well this was some tips I wanted to give away seeing how my class is turning out this year and now that I'm hearing everyone's thoughts.
I hope this was really helpful in some kind of way.

See you next time,


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