Thursday, January 12, 2012

My goals for 2012 ! Top 5

Hey Cuties, 

We all have goals we want to reach for 2012.
I made a list of the TOP 5 I'm working on since day one of this year. 

 1. Finish my first school year with good grades.
Well I'm working hard on that cause it seems a bit difficult since I have to re-do 5 tests.
But I have these exams in about 4 days so I really need to start learning these things again. 

2. Lose some weight.
Since last year I haven't been losing so much weight. Whatever I eat go straight to my thighs, 
some also goes to my stomach. That runs in the family. My dad is fat if I may say that and so is his mother and father. 
So I got a part of that. So eating is my enemy but I still love it. 

3. Become a one year model
Maybe this sounds stupid but that is what I want. I want to see how the model world looks like behind the scenes. I want to model in at least 1 runway show and do photo shoots for stores and such things like that.
The reason for the one year is that I don't like being all girly and stuff like that. Using Make-up, wearing heels all the time and staying skinny. 

Maybe I will like it and I'll keep doing it but for now it's just a one year goal.

4. Go to New York in the summer.
This is my life long dream. Going to New York. The big city, and if I keep saving money like I'm doing I'll sure reach this goal. 
But we will see this summer.

5. Get a big closet.
I need a big closet since I have allot of shoes and clothes now. And I am planning to go shopping allot more. 
But don't worry, all my old clothes that I don't wear I give to the poor kids. 

Okay so those were my TOP 5 goals for this year. 
What is your TOP 5 goals?

See you next time, 

xxx Olyboly xxx

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