Friday, June 22, 2012

10 things to do this summer inside and outside

Hey cuties,

I don't really want to post something fashion related today.
For this post I want to make something different.
So I think I'm going to post things that you can do in your summer.
Allot of people doesn't know what to do in the summer and tend to go to the beach only or shopping, but there are more things to do to make your summer more enjoyable and almost sun free.

So let's start with the list.
At home,
1. Make fruit Popsicle.  Buy some yummy fruits, Dice them up .. Put them in the Popsicle container with water or juice and pack them up in the freezer. Wait 1 hour and you can have yummy delicious fruits and juice all together.
On the internet there are allot of recipes that you can search up, but it will be fun to try it out yourself. Be creative with your fruity Popsicles

2. Get some scissors and some glue, pick up some fabric or strings and start crafting. This is a great way to keep you busy during the summer.  You can make new clothes out of old one, new jewelry, redecorate your room and a bunch of stuffs more.

3. Clean out your room and closet. In the summer you have enough time to do this. Take a day of from running in the sun. Go home and take out everything your not using anymore. Clothes that doesn't fit or that you don't wear anymore, give them away to the needed children. Toys that you have from since you were nine or  maybe your old bed that you don't even sleep on anymore.

4. Light up the stove and oven and start cooking and baking. Allot of people likes out eating, but that's allot of money. So why not cook something at home. Don't need to be professional but if u want to make it fun, invite some friends over. Bake some cookies, cupcakes etc.
You can also search some recipes on the internet.

5. Read some books. It is summer but that doesn't mean we have to forget half the things we learned at school. You don't have to read every day, but once a weak won't kill you.

6. Take pictures of everything. There are allot of events going on in the summer. Allot of tourists visiting the island. So there are allot of nice things to take pictures of. Make it fun. It doesn't have to be boring and you never know. Maybe you'll find out that you you can take awesome pictures and you'll like it. Another hobby added to the list.

7. Go play bowling, ride your bicycle, or do any sport that keeps you busy cause there is nothing better than being active during the summer. You keep your body nice for the bathing suits and you keep yourself healthy too.

8. Find a summer job. Working in the summer, getting money to shop or to buy some school stuff is really great. You can help your parents by paying some of the school supplies you need. So don't be so selfish!!

9. Go camping. Do something you can't do the other seasons of the year. Go in the wood, make a campfire and sleep in a tent. Invite some friends over to make it more fun. Tell scary stories, prank each other. Make it a never ending summer for at least one week.

10. Visit your family. Go to your grandparents' house and visit them. Do something fun like cooking for them or just go out with them. If they are not that young just sit and talk with them tell them about school or anything they would love to hear. Never forget that family will always be there first.

So these are some 10 things to do this summer.
Of course you can go swimming and shopping, but that's something everyone does.
So take these ideas and put it to the test. Try it on vacation if you are bored or even when you don't go away. Just make it fun
SUMMER is all about having fun and doing things you couldn't do during school time.

So hope you guys have fun.
See you soon, 
Stay true, Be you!

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