Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY your summer away

Hello cuties,

So its summer for me, but I don't have money or a summer job.
That means no shopping for clothes this summer. That's a bummer.
But yesterday I realized I don't need money to have new clothes or accessories.
We all know "Do It Yourself". Its a great way to keep yourself busy during the summer and create new clothes and jewelry out of old ones.
If you sit back and think you can realize that by "Doing It Yourself" you can even create an whole outfit.
Here are some ideas for what you can make:

 Now These are some cute ideas to change up your t-shirt.
You can go all out with it or just go simple but different from anyone else.
We all know that when u want to make a statement, you have to be different.
So why not Do It Yourself this summer.

So for the summer we like wearing shorts and if you live in Curaçao you should know that shorts aren't that cheap anymore. The priciest the best.
So why not pick up some old jeans and cut them yourself. We all have some old broken jeans in our closet that we love, but cant wear anymore cause its all broken.
Now, cut the legs off make some shorts, add some studs or fabric and your good for the summer. It doesn't have to be perfect since its all about cutoffs this summer.

Sneakers !!! We're not going to wear that much heels or wedges.
It more about the sandals and maybe some sneakers. So why don't we make them fun to walk around with.
Make them the pop of color in your outfit.
No need to buy expensive ones. Got an old pair laying around in the house ? Use it!
Paint it, stud it. Make it fun.
Or buy some 5-10$  sneakers and make it fun.

Well we all know about the 'stacking bracelet trend'. Well we're not going to buy a bunch of bracelets just because we wanna fit in with the trend.
We're just going to make them. On YouTube there are allot of tutorials on how to do these thing.
From friendship bracelets to really expensive looking bracelets.
So decide for yourself: Be creative and have some fun, or just spend allot of money and have nothing to do afterwards.

So there are allot more DIY that you can try out at home. Like an t-shirt bag, or bedazzled sunglasses. You name it. It's all about having fun. Making the summer a great time.
Just search on YouTube for tutorials and you will find something to do. Don't just spend allot of money. Remember that after summer there is school again and you're going to need money to buy school supplies.

So I guess I'll see you guys soon,
Stay true, Be you!

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