Monday, November 12, 2012

Event | Mac Technique [How to & tips]

Hey cuties,

On Saturday November 3rd a couple of the TCB girls were invited to the Mac Technique event. Since there was only 3 girls of the group aloud we couldn't all go. This time Jenny, Berry and me got the chance.
When we arrived we got a warm welcome from one of the make up artists of MAC. She showed us where to sit and a nice gentleman offered us a glass of champagne. Where we sat there was a MAC-map with a little compilation of guidelines and a product checklist.
So to what I learned I want to share them with you guys. Everything I do write is my own opinion and my own experience in comparison with what I learned.
I will be covering the whole face of what you should do and what I do. Read the whole post to find out tips and how to.

So first off with cleaning our faces. We all know we gotta start with a clean face to make-up. Packing make-up on the dirt on your face will only give you acne problems. And that is something we always want to avoid, well me at least !

After that use the mist, if you got one.
Next use the serum to hydrate your skin. if you don't want to spend that money on the serum what you can do is just drink allot of water. That is what I do. Water is something that keeps your skin hydrated and it is free.
And at last for the face's first steps use the moisture cream. This is good to always apply all over the face except the eye area. Don't forget the neck and hairline too.
If you are applying these products to your face remember to always use hand sanitizer or wash your hand to prevent the oil from your fingers to mingle with your face's skin.

In the beginning I always skipped these steps cause I wasn't the equipped, but now I won't do that. So if you don't have them it doesn't matter if you keep drinking water.

Lets start with the eyes.
Everyone has e different way of starting with make-up. One starts with foundation, others starts with the eyes. Well starting with the eyes has its positive points. Like when you are using Pigments, the fall outs will mess up your face, if you haven't applied foundation it saves you product because you don't have to clean that whole part of the face off

So start of with they eye cream. Apply this on the eye area and also under the eye.
Next off use a primer. The primer is to make the make-up stick to your face. Apply this product to your eyes, cheek, nose, forehead & chin.
Last what you will be applying is the eye base. This eye base lets the colors you use pop out more. It makes the true color come out more vibrant.
For me since I have a lighter skin color I have the light colored eye base. For someone lighter than me or darker than me I think it is pretty self explanatory what you guys have to do.

We will keep working on the eye area.
First off I do my brows. Just brushing a dark color in there to make it a bit darker. If you have a dark hair color, use a color two shades brighter. If you have a light hair color, use two shades darker.
Starting now with the make up, if you always want to create a simple smokey eye you only need 3 colors if you follow my steps. A light, medium and dark color for the whole eye are. The dark color is used for the outer corner. The light color is for the inner corner and under the brow bone. The last color which is the medium is used on the lid where we did not apply any color yet.
Do not forget to apply these colors on the bottom lash line too.
After this apply the eyeliner on the outer corner. You can apply on the whole eye if that is your liking, but applying it to the outer corner will fake the fact that the lashes look thicker.
To make the eyes look bigger you can also apply a white eyeliner in the inner corner to the middle of the lash line. This helps allot when you have those zombie eyes of late sleeping and tiredness.  
Next we will be applying the mascara. Do a thin coat or a thick coat. Do it the way you feel comfortable with it. Some mascara give volume, some make lashes appear longer. Try applying both fast after each other before they dry.

Now going on to the face.
Some people use foundation first, some use concealer first. In my opinion starting off with the concealer first is pointless since the foundation will wipe it off when you apply that one.
So start of with the foundation, using a brush, sponge or your fingers. Everyone has their own liking when it comes to this.
After this apply the concealer, to hide those dark under eye circles or bags and the blemishes that the foundation can't hide. Not all of us have perfect skin right??
Next to do is contouring and to be honest I do not know how to do this so I don't think I can give much info on this one. When make-up artists use it I see a difference, when I use it, I DON'T NOTICE ANYTHING!!
So i skipped the contouring and went for the blush. This is something that I use when my make up is very neutral. Applying to the cheeks to give the face a nice blushing color.
And last but not least apply the powder. This sets everything in, makes them blend well. Applying the powder before contouring and blushing can make the skin look ashy from my experience.

Now going on to the lips.
I always leave the lips for last. Why? Because after doing my make-up I always brush my teeth. Daring huh? Yeah I know.
Now let's be serious, start with applying a moisturizer on the lips. Keeping the lips hydrated and also if you live in a warm climate like Curaçao, protection for the lips is always a must.
Next I use a lipstick or lip gloss and if you want to make it more vibrant mix them together. Apply the gloss in the middle of the lip, it may create a fuller lip.

To finish everything off, spray face with mist if you do have one to set everything in. 
Or just leave it just like that.

From left to right you will see Jenny, Me and Berry. Check out our outfits and the badges!!
Dress: The Front Row | Shoes: Tatimar | Bag: Vintage 


  1. Interesting post, gr8 tips.
    What do you mean with the 'Mist' in the cleaning face paragraph?

    Thank you for the explanation ;)

    1. It is a bottle with somewhat water in it. Most people spray it after doing their make-up to set everything in.

    2. It's called MAC Fix +