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This weeks CuraGlammer | Alton Paas

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This week we got another CuraGlammer in the spotlight, a teenager that happen to be in wheelchair because of an accident that happened 3 years ago. He has been organizing an event to help more people that has the same back problems as him. So I interviewed him to let you guys know more about his story.

Name: Alton Paas
Nickname: Papi, Kachí, Mic Peace
Age: 22
Hobbies: Music, inspire others,
Occupation: Student

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a 22 year old guy that has a passion for music. A guy with a sense of humor. Loves to be happy and laugh. Positive, open minded. A person with courage towards positivity. Loves to help and to be an inspirations for others. Also faith is something I live with. I am a catholic and I believe in God and that He is my guide trough everything in my life.

I heard you had an accident that put you in a wheelchair. Can you tell us more about that?
Yes, 22nd of November 2009 I have had I car accident due to a heart disorder I had at that
moment that I was actually born with but I didn’t know. This heart disorder is called “Wolf
Parkingson White Syndrome”. It puts your heart beat irregularly. Any given time you heart
can start to beat pretty fast or really slow. When I was driving it happened to me and I got
a blackout. The car lost control and I hit another car. I didn't had a scratch but somehow i broke a
bone of my spinal column. I had a spinal cord injury.

How have you been dealing with all the changes since the accident?
Well, in the beginning as I say in my speeches; there were only 3 things I could do independently. Cry, think and talk to God. It was a long process to learn how to deal with my situation and during this process a learned allot. For example that there is always someone worse than me, that I have plenty years more of life and more than I already have lived. I learned that sometimes you really have to put your own feelings beside you to concentrate on your goal. My situation right now is that I am in a wheelchair . I cannot use all the muscle of my body. Actually from my shoulders down has been affected of this injury. I’m grateful that I have regained some function in my fingers. So this in situation involves planning, patience, courage, tolerance, perseverance. All of this together every moment of the day so that I can achieve anything I want during the day. I think my motivation comes from God and because everything is possible especially for God. Every time something happens that I can’t explain I say it’s God because there is no other explanation.
I can’t really say how I've been dealing with these changes I just do it and my strength and
motivation comes from God and other things a want to achieve because I have hope and will
that I will recover completely.
I think because of my positive attitude about my situation and my determination and faith
for the future I get the people around my also to be positive and to support me more.

What are you doing now? 
I am finishing my school. Waiting to start 4 and a half months of internship so that I can get
my ICT-manager’s diploma. I spend my week mostly 4 times a weak swimming one our in
the morning for therapy, and also at home.

Tell us about ‘Fundashon Alton Paas’.
Because of my experience abroad and also the limitations we have here in curacao we tougth
that it could be better. That is why we founded "Fundashon Alton Paas" to raise awareness
and to work for a better quality of life for people with a Spinal Cord Injury. This foundation
was founded 7 September 2012. Fundashon Alton Paas has its first project; Fundashon Alton
Paas to Project Walk. This is a project to send 3 persons including me to a internationally
recognized non-profit spinal cord injury recover center. Where the 3 persons will received a
intense exercise-based program to improve their quality of life for 6 months.

Tell us about the event that will take place on upcoming 2 December.
Music With Fundashon Alton Paas is the first fundraising of the foundation and also the first
project. I am a musician and the things i did with music is in this fundraising. I was in a choir
so we have "kor santa famia". I was in drum- and brassband and also a couples of bands.
They will be there too. Such as BEM, St jozef brassband, CPB, drumband di adventista,
Hershel Rosario and friends, Tumbao.
We shall raise money trough a "Kliko", a recycle bin. There will be a kliko at Brionplein where everyone can give a donation by putting money in the kliko.
The events starts at 16:00 till 23:00 it will be at Brionplein upcoming 2 December 2012.

What are your plans for the near future?
I'm planning to finish school and get a job. I would like to have my own car and house for me
and my girlfriend. Depending of the other degrees that I may get here in curacao I may keep

What are your words of advice for the readers on my blog and out there?
My words of advice is to invest in a balanced life. Don't turn your life in a routine and neither out
of control. For balance keeps every part of you satisfied. Body, mind and soul.

We should all support Alton and the other 2 guys that will be there on 2 December. Giving a little bit or allot, everything helps. So I will see you guys this Sunday!!
Want to talk with Alton Paas? Go check out the Facebook page of Fundashon Alton Paas.

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  1. His story is very inspiring! I'll be donating without thinking twice:D