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Curaçao Carnival Diary | Tumba Hubenil 2013

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As you guys can read in the title this is going to be a post about Curaçao Carnival. This year a group came up with a new idea to start a Diary of the Curaçao Carnival. This is to help everyone to keep up with the Carnival season. To check them out click here.

The Carnival season has started on January 5,2013 with a great Jump-up.
Even though we didn't blog about this Jump-up we are sure that we will be covering most of the Carnival main events that happen here in Curaçao. So this time we are covering the Tumba Hubenil 2013.
I saw the event on TV, so I will be reviewing the organisation and the TV production itself, Tele Curaçao.

Saturday January 12,2013 at International School took place the Festival Tumba Hubenil 2013. Where 15 teens participated to sing their Tumba to Curaçao. Every participant made their show as unique as they could with their own little twist on it.
Taken by Shotty [Source: Awortinkos.com]

This year the festival was more about the teens. It was an idea that they had lying on the table for a couple of years and this year they executed it. There was a band that consisted of young adults, teen MC's and even the performances between the breaks were all done by teens and young adults.
Also the composers were young adults.
This was really a great idea, giving young adults the chance to show what they got in them. After all  they are the future of tomorrow. So why not give them a fair chance?

I will review the whole evening with all the pro's and cons. Showing what I thought was great from my point of view and what should be fixed.
First what I will start with the Pro's.
- I have already mentioned this but I will do this again. The great thing of this festival is that this year they focused on teens and young adults. Letting them rule the show and show every grown up out there what they got. And I have got to say, for those youngsters they did really good. Sure enough they weren't as great as the grown ups, but for their age they did good.
- There was only one band , Karabela , which was great. It saves time, no changing of bands every song or so. Since the band was mostly out of young teens it was a great way to let them grow in the music department.
- The entertainment in between the breaks were from teens and young Adults also. Blitz and C-Boys performed to keep the audience busy. Blitz is a more kids group and C-boys is more for the teenagers, but together in the same event they made everything work.
- This year they chose for a closed area, which was a great choice. Since the weather wasn't really giving for a open area event. And also in a closed are it's more likely to be fun, since everyone is so together and the music don't get lost in the wind.
- The chosen date of this event was also pretty wise. Choosing to put this on a Saturday and on a decent hour was perfect. It may be the weekend, but we are still talking about little kids attending this event. We don't need them to stay out too late.
- Also the prices were very useful. I didn't hear all of them,but the ones I heard had a piano with piano lessons in it and also I heard there was a laptop prize. These are useful prices that the winners can use in many different ways. Also fun was that the composer won something too together with the winner.
Taken by Shotty [Source: Awortinkos.com]
Now going to the Con's. The Con's I have are mostly for the TV that was broadcasting the event to the viewers.
- It was sad that the quality was pretty bad. The colors are pretty hard to watch, they gave me a headache. The people came out dark in the footage and the bright colors were unbareble to watch.
- Also the filming was pretty bad. They close-ups were late and at wrong time periods. Sometimes there wasn't any close-ups when needed. The switch to the other camera's were off and it made it a bit hard and annoying to watch at some times.
- What was missing this year was the name & song listings. Some of the participants' names were pretty difficult to understand. If there was a name listing like they did the years before it would have been much easier for the viewers at home.

All in all the event was good from what I saw on TV. The Con's are things that can be worked on and that can be improved. And the Pro's can be improved also so I hope they don't stay to this point. Hopefully the keep extending the ideas to provide more for the generation that is coming right behind us.

Also Congratulations to the winner : Tyeisha Bernabela with her tumba : Un trahe di palu ['A wooden costume']
Taken by Shotty. [Source: Awortinkos.com]

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