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Curacao Carnival Diary : Runner up Carnival Teen King 2013

Hey CuraGlammers,

Today I got another CuraGlammer in the spotlight for you guys and it is Carnival related. Last Friday January 18th was the Curaçao Carnival Teen King & Queen 2013 election. This election consisted of most secondary schools. Their King and Queen participated for the maximum title.
I interviewed the Runner up Teen King 2013 which also is my fellow Blogger partner. Check his blog : Young CuraGlamV
So just keep reading to find out more about his journey and himself.

Name: Valdemir Valerius
Nickname: Valdi
Age: 20
Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Swimming, Blogging

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Valdemir V. Valerius was born in Willemstad, Curaçao on March 17th 1992.
Raised in a Protestant home with both parents and a loving grandmother

Describe your personal style.
Well I love black and I love the effect of using black and brightening it up with colors. I love mixing casual with sport yet leaving it classy. I don't follow fashion, I MAKE FASHION!

What does Carnival mean to you?
Carnival for me is one of the greatest cultural events/ celebration of Curaçao. Its a time when young and old come together and unite thru music and it's a time where you can also express your creativity and have a good time with family and friends. A time where positivism, good energy and music rains.
Carnival is also a tourist attraction where people all over the world can come, learn and enjoy of our culture. That's why I love Carnival so much.

Tell us about your journey in trying to become the Curaçao Carnival Teen King 2013.
It's a long journey filled with different challenges and obstacles that I had to overcome, different good moments I must say, but allot of hard work and very hard training. But in this journey I learned more about myself. Things I thought I couldn't do I learned to do. I learned how to focus and be the best I can be. It was also a new experience working in a team, a duo. Because I didn't work alone. I had a queen. We learned how to synchronize and be one.
I also learned how to trust somebody else. It might sound easy but it's very difficult, but I managed, in other words I can say, me and her are best friends and she is an amazing person.
Source: Awortinkos.com
What inspired you to go participate in this election or how did you became a participant?
The reason I participated in this election was to show how diverse Curaçao really is. To make a statement and prove that it's not just people like Barbie and Ken body figures can succeed. That people who are different also have talent, passion and also can achieve their goals with hard work and perseverance. Like I said before I love Carnival and that's why I wanted to take a part of the election.

Now that you've won first finalist of the Curaçao Carnival Teen King 2013 election what is your next step?
My next step is enjoy my title to the max, be an example to the youth and hopefully inspire others to do good, be good, follow your dreams and fight for your goals. Because if I could have done it you can also.
Source: Awortinkos.com
Of all the training you got, are there ones that will be helpful to you in the near future?
Actually all the training that I got are useful in my life. For example I got training of vocabulary and articulation. Which is useful in my life if you want to speak properly.
Public speaking, speak correctly. Which is how to present yourself in an audience the correct way.
Training of acting. With acting it's not just playing a character, you learn how your body moves, how it works and how to release your emotions in a creative way.
We also got trust exercises where you learn how to trust others which is a valuable skill to have and many more.

How will you convince other young adults to participate in this election too in the future?
By trying to convince others to participate. It's a  wonderful experience. You meet other people, interesting people. You get the chance to express your creativity and talent. You also get the chance to make a difference in your country and to all the people around you.
Source: Awortinkos.com
What is your Carnival wish to everyone?
My Carnival wish to everyone is to let us use this season to be more creative, let our talent and inspiration flow.  Lets show everyone that we can have fun in a positive way and let us show everyone out there in the world: ' Ta dushi pa ta dushi hende den Karnaval ' as they say in Papiamentu with a little twist of myself.

Will we be seeing more from you in the future Carnival elections?
Uhm, I never say never. If it's God will for me to participate in the elections than you will all see me very soon.

Source: Awortinkos.com
Well we are very happy to have had this interview with Valdemir Valerius. Congratulation to both him and his Queen with the title that they won. May they embrace it and show others that after all it is fun to be part of our Carnival here in Curaçao.

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