Sunday, March 3, 2013

Got it ! : B&BW scented candles.

Hey CuraGlammers,

Got some excited news. As you've already read in the title, the B&BW candles made it to Curaçao!!
Yes !! It's no joke!
When I heard this news I rushed out of the house to go and see what I can get. Thank God the collection was still there.
It was a small collection though, but as they say, better something than nothing, right?
So they had somewhat of 6 scents. At first I bought one, the Vanilla Coconut.
Later I went with my mother and bought another one, Peach Bellini, since I couldn't resist.

I already lid the Peach Bellini, cause my mother couldn't wait for me to do a haul video on it. She was excited to try it out. And is loving it till now.

Where to buy them?
Bath & Body Beauty
Dr Maalweg 28A
Right next to Nice People and PC Clinic.

This place has also body washes, hand sanitizers, and lotions. Go and check them out.
You wont be disappointed.

Vanilla Coconut. - Fl37.50 

I will soon buy more from the collection, but for now I will keep holding on to these two.

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