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Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam | Children of God

Hello CuraGlammers,

In the week of 4 - 7 of April here in Curaçao took place the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam. This event took place last year for the first time and came back this year again for a second time. And I've got to say. Every time it gets better and better.
This year it took place again at the Cinemas Curaçao and Renaissance.

Picture from CIFFR Website.
Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam is one of the many events that let local people showcase their talent in different ways. This year they did a B&W picture contest and also just as last year everyone could have made a short movie of 5 minutes to share with the public.
This contest called, Short movies, Big stories , was a great hit with people from all over sending videos and showcasing their talent. Of course there were prices for the two best short films.

First place winner of the Short movies, Big stories

At the festival there was also allot of films from all over the world that hasn't been published yet or were used only in festivals that were showcased. Everyone had the chance to buy a ticket to watch the movies that they wanted to see and meet some of the directors of the movies.

One of the movies that I really loved and most caught my attention was Children of God.
The director of the film is Kareem Mortimer.

Children of God is a movie that took place in the Bahamas and carries the topic of Gay people and relationships. It is and will be a topic that will always be an problem or point of discussion in this world.
What I love the most of the film and what the director did is showcase the different situations people find them in when it comes to gay relationship. And by showcasing these different situations he also tackled other discussion points such as discrimination, infidelity, self esteem and many more.
This is a movie that should be showcased in every home and all schools. It gives you another perspective of gay relationships and make the youngsters think twice before bullying someone about the sex.

I really recommend everybody to watch this movie. I don't know if it is possible for you guys to just watch it online, but if you guys get the chance to watch it. Do NOT hesitate.
It will be a great experience!

For more information about the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam, check out their website.

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  1. That was the reality nowadays and we have to change it for the next generation.

    Thanks for sharing this.