Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SM Decorations : Quinceñera !

Hello cuties,

Saturday I had to do another decoration for the same friend I did the first time.
This time it was for his sisters birthday.
She turned 15 and he and his mother wanted to organize a surprise party for her.
They hired me and my friend for the decorations.
Unfortunately my friend had to work so I had to decorate the place on my own.
She did help me inflate the balloons, but the decoration was all me.
I think I did a pretty good job at too, but I'll leave that to you guys to tell me what you guys think.
Here are some pictures.

 So as you guys can see the colors of the party was pink, blue and white. Mostly pink since it was a girls birthday.
I didn't do allot with the decoration since we didn't buy allot of balloons and the place should be crowded other wise people would feel very uncomfortable in it.
Most of these things are very easy to make, but patience is the key.

This quinceñera wasn't any ordinary one. It was a very perverted one. That decision wasn't in my hand though. The mother and the brotther wanted something she'll never forget so in the piñata there was condoms and strings, tampons... All kinds of girly stuffs that I would really not give away at a 15 year girl birthday party, but to keep the client happy you must do it right?
So yeah just so you guys would know.

So I hope you guys hasd allot of fun reading my post and see you next time, 

Stay true, Be you !