Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's the Queens day!

Hey there cuties,

Yesterday was it the Queens day!! 
That's the day we celebrate the Netherlands Queen's birthday.
Allot of people dress up in orange, and the colors of the flag red, white and blue.
These colors represents The Netherlands.

In Punda and Otrabanda there was a sort of get to gether.
They come there and sell clothes, shoes, food. Everything you can possibly think about.
Dance groups come and perform and even bands may appear from out of nowhere and start playing.
It is a really crowded day since almost everybody wants to go.

In my  case I had to work.  So Sad, but I still had time to take some pictures.
Some of them my friend did for me since he was walking around doing nothing.
So I'll post the pictures so you guys can see.

Yes I have more pictures of breakdancing and popping than that I have of the other things that happend that day, but it should be a problem since you can see a piece of Curaçao and how we come together to celebrate The Queen's Birthday.

Hope you guys loved it.
See you soon,


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