Saturday, May 5, 2012

SM Decorations : Hello Kitty party

Hey cuties,

Yesterday I had my debut !
Yes yesterday was my first day decorating on my own, well with help of some people.
My first party I organized together with another girl was yesterday.
It was a baby's 1st Birthday party.
We had allot of things we planned to do for the party.

When we first heard that my classmate's baby was going to turn 1 year old on May 3th I was so excited to plan a big party for her.
Allot of people may think: " Really? It's just a baby! "
Yes we know that but we still wanted to do it.

So the first things we did was write down everything that we wanted at the party.
Then we decided the theme for the party, Hello Kitty.
On the internet we searched for ideas and for pictures of hello kitty to make some things.
We then wrote down everything we had to buy for the party.

Since I already help decorating with the most famous Party Planner here in CuraƧao I was prepared to take the challenge and decorate for this party to.  Challenge accepted !!
So yeah the party was on May 4th.

The day has arrived and it was a long day ! We didn't find a nice dress for the baby so we had to go shopping on Friday to get it. Thank God we did found it !!
So here are some pictures of the outcome.

This is how the invitation came out ! Super cute.

The outfit was super cute wasn't it ?

So like you guys can see it came out pretty good.
Leave a comment in the comment section below to let me know what you think about it.
I really love your opinion so I know If I have to keep on doing this or stop with it.