Friday, July 27, 2012

Girls Night Dinner with the Curaçao Bloggers

Hey cuties,

So as you guys can see the Curaçao Bloggers got together again and had a dinner date!!
Yes we had a nice girls Night Dinner !

After Saturday that the whole group went to Starbucks to meet each other we decided to have another meet up. Since some of the bloggers wasn't able to be at the first one.
So everyone went to The Grill King.
I was a bit late and when I arrived almost everyone was already there.
All the girls looked so pretty. From H to T ...

At first we got a table right next to the music. The table was beautifully set for us, but after a couple of minutes talking we decided we wanted to change tables. Music was too loud.
So we went to this beautiful fish tank table.

We spent the night talking, laughing, having fun and we ate too since that's what we were supposed to do.
So all in all the night was a great success.

Baby back ribs! It was so much I couldn't finish it. 

From left to right: Fashion, Beauty + More | Purfict shade of brown | Shades of sexy little things | Young Curaglam | Confessions of this shopaholic | Everything Glamz | Glamorous Gia |

Dress: The Front Row , Shoes: The Front Row ,  Bag: Magic Collection ,  Rings: The Front Row ,  Nails : ESSIE | Tangerine

Hope you guys loved the pictures.
See you soon,

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