Monday, July 23, 2012

Studying abroad, Leaving your hometown.

Hey cuties,

So it's Monday, first day of the week. Hope everything started great for everyone.
But just a reminder. Start your week off with a smile and finish it with a BANG.
Keep that in mind and your week will be great !

So now back to the main point why I wanted to write a post.
Starting of from today till Wednesday there are allot of students that are leaving Curaçao to study abroad. Most of them are going to The Netherlands to finish what they started or to start something for their future.
This means leaving your hometown, family, friends and maybe even boyfriend. Which is very hard for everyone at any point in their live.
So I thought why not give them some support to let them know that the're not alone in this.

Leaving you hometown behind to study abroad is hard, but its for your own future. Maybe at first you'll feel that you made a big mistake by leaving everything you had behind, but it's not. After a while you will feel more comfortable and you will get used to the new lifestyle.
Something that you could do is to recreate your own lifestyle back where you are going to live. It may work for some people but for others it may be really difficult to get over leaving.
So it's good to know your own mind strength.

Start by making new friends. Its always good to make your friend circle bigger. Since you may not be seeing your friends for months or years its a great time to make new friends. They will be there for you when you wanna go out, talk or study. So don't hesitate.

Try to always keep in touch with family, but tell you parent to not call every 6 hours of the day cause that will make it even more difficult for you to step outside of your shell and become the WOMAN or MAN that you want to be. In the beginning its good to get a call every day or so. But as the months go by. Make it one call a week and . That will let you get used with everything and you won't feel like your family is forgetting about   you either.

I can keep on going with allot of things that you guys can do, but in the end it's just everyone's own decision how they want their future to be.
But to make it happen, it's got to start with YOU .
No one else.

SO I hope every one has a great Monday.
And to all the student. Have a safe flight to The Netherlands, you'll always be our ' Yu di Korsou '

See you soon,


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