Sunday, December 2, 2012

Event | Swarovski Edition, new fragrance launch

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On Wednesday 28 I went to an event that took place at Kura Hulanda here in Curaçao. The event was a new fragrance launch of Swarovski.
Swarovski is an already known name all over the world. From jewelry to perfumes.
Now they have a new perfume with a packaging that will blow your mind away, Yes ladies, you guys will love this so much !

Swarovski introduces " Swarovski Edition", an addictive fruity floral fragrance that is a must have.
The first in a collection of ultra-glamorous, limited-edition fragrances, its design is inspired by the sparkling evening clutch bags that the house of Swarovski creates, each year, exclusively for the stars of the Cannes Film Festival, the Hollywood Academy Awards and the Toronto International Film Festival.

The inspiration they had : glamour forever.
Being part of the stylist crew in the Cannes Film Festival, Swarovski has seen allot of celebrities in their stunning siren gowns and their thousands of crystal sewn on one by one.
Also remembering the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang "Happy Birthday, Mr President" in 1962. Not to mention the Swarovski jewelry pieces and sets or the clutch bags: evening bags entirely set and embroidered with with scintillating crystals, for the height of sophistication. The emblem of regal elegance, an object of desire, an absolute must-have accessory

In 2012, only 100 numbered pieces of clutch bag "Star Shadow" were created for Cannes. A true masterpiece made of brass, it is welded with silver and set with crystals. It is highlighted by a central band of 1900 perfectly geometrically positioned Swarovski Crystal Rock stones, which glisten with dazzling glints.

The Swarovski edition bottle is glamorously inspired by this clutch creation. It can be laid upright, but is even more striking when laid flat. The same elegant curved line, free of angles, that fits snugly in the hands, wit the sides forming a stylized heart ... one of Swarovski's favorite motifs.
An eye-catching effect of materials : the extremely smooth ivory-colored background is set off by a crocodile-inspired band whose scales seems engraved in a precious metal. On one side, this band is decorated with a Swarovski "Golden Shadow" crystal clip, sparkling with a pink gold sheen. A  festival of light; an incredibly chic accessory that only Swarovski could create.

The beauty and originality of this bottle are based on a bold technical innovation: its metal decoration created with extrusion process, which is a quite rare in the perfume industry. this procedure makes it possible to create a hollow piece with sharp well-defined edges.

The box is red ( a must for the red carpet ), livened up by a scale motif that echoes the bottle. Touched of gold make it irresistibly luxurious.

"Swarovski Edition is an extremely feminine and ultra-glamorous fragrance, but not bling-bling, it remains close to flowers and fruits. It is love at first sight followed by true love." - Pierre Aulas, Olfactory Artistic Director. 

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  1. I love the packaging of the perfume! <3 You look beautiful! So proud of TCB :D