Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Holiday Outfits | One dress styled 5 different ways

Hey cuties,

It almost Christmas, in about 3 days. And allot of you guys are still clueless what to wear!
I was too until I checked out in my closet and saw all the single pieces in there. They were just laying around since I didn't have pants or blouses or accessories to pair with them. But with a bit of creativity I made them work and got 5 outfits for you guys by styling only one dress.
So less money to spend and more money for gifts.

First outfit - Fierce with pop of color 

The dress on itself is really simple.
Sinch your waist in with a metallic red belt to get the Christmas vibe going on.
Wear some leopard heels for some fierceness and pop of print.
Pair the outfit with a simple black clutch.

This outfit is a bit more daring since mettalic and leopard isn't ecerybody's comfort zone.
Since the oufit is a plain color you can also go for the zebra print,
houndstooth or even some spiked heels.
Go with what you like to make the outfit your own.

Outfit is great for going out clubbing with friends. Making all the heads turn to you. Giving you some extra attention that we all like.

Second outfit - Conservative with neutrals

This dress came with a string belt the same color as the collar.
Tie this string belt into a bow to your waist to sinch it in and turn the bow to the side. This gives the outfit a more girly look.
If you aren't so comfortable with showing legs pair the outfit with opaque tights. If you dare just a bit more choose some with patterns on them.
On your feet wear black wedges to elongate your legs and add more comfort.
For some WOW-factor go with a sequined  black clutch.

This outfit is great for  going out eating with family or friends.
Since with parents we don't want to show to much skin. We are still their little child.

Third outfit - Daring yet Classy

Pair this dress with a leather skirt. See how it changes the look from dress to blouse and skirt?
To make it the outfit come together use a oversize sparkle belt around the waistband of the skirt.
Since the faux leather skirt is so edgy go with some nude heels and a simple black clutch.
Instant chicness added to the whole attire.

You don't need to wear a leather skirt. Any short or long skirt will do the job, but always tie a belt around the waist to make the outfit come together.

This outfit is great for going out with HIS family. Don't worry about the leather part. They won't think anything bad of you. Since you styled everything off with neutrals and classiness they will love it.

Fourth outfit - Go bold or go home 

This outfit is an outfit that you either love or you hate it.
Pair the dress with a colored metallic peplum top. Since the dress has a skater dress silhouette, if you par it with a peplum top it will make your bottoms look  bigger.
Since this Peplum top isn't as fitted to the body as most peplums I tied the string belt to the waistband and made a bow in the back.
By popping the collar out it will frame the top a bit more.
On my feet I wore some neutral heels and clutch.

This outfit is great for a dinner with the co-workers or the end of year party with work.
Showing your more daring side to the co-workers since they only see you in work wear. Make them talk about the outfit all night. Loving it or ranting it. Either way. It's fame!

Fifth outfit - Comfortable and girly

This outfit is more comfortable and lay back. This oversized ugly knit sweater over the dress and popping the collar out makes you look comfy yet you are confident.
Scrunching the sleeves up and letting accessories show.
Wearing socks with heels makes everything super girly but also super classy. Leaving the socks out is also an option.
Wear you knit beret to hide the undone hair or lazy hairdo.
And top it all off with a red clutch for some color and Christmas vibe.

This outfit is not so useful for the girls here in CuraƧao unless December becomes a really cold month.
But for all others, wear it to a ugly sweater party and dance the night along.
Or just wear it at home when opening gifts!

To see the outfits better check the video out I posted on my YouTube Channel:


  1. you are a darling little girl.I love the outfit with the frilly white socks the best.I think they go so perfect with that dress an could go with out the sweater if its too hot.this look is how I would wear it.I love frilly white socks.which one did your mom like the best?

  2. Thank You, My mom liked that last outfit too. She said it was different but totally something she would wear

  3. Totally #Team Go bold or Go home Like it Gurll!!

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