Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas spirit with TCB

Hey cuties,

It's been a while that I've posted a blog post. Since I was super busy with exams, work and decorating the house.
Today I decided to share all the videos that some of the TCB members have posted to bring you guys in the Christmas spirit. If you guys want to see more videos subscribe to all the channels to keep updated with the girls and like out Facebook page,

Berry Styles has some tips for you guys. They will be really helpful for all of us :) Also a nice OOTN. Check out and see if you can get some inspirations for a different outfit style.

Curalicious has a great make up look and an old DIY video that is still really helpful !!

AshDefines has a Holiday Beauty Gift Guide video in our native language, Papiamentu! So for the guys that doesn't understand fully, just watch the items she will be showing. You will sure get an idea what to give out!

Olyboly92, ME, has also uploaded a nice DIY  video. Check it out and see if you can try them out.

What do you guys think about these videos ?

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