Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nail Affair : Ombre effect

Hey cuties,

Today I got another Nail Affair for you guys.
I was inspired by the Ombre trend that has been in for a while now.
I tried allot of nail designs but none of them satisfied me like this one.
So for now I'm going to stick with the Ombre look till I think of another one or someone asks me to do one.

I used different polishes and a sponge to achieve this look.
The polishes I used were :
Jordana - Basecoat
Milani - Peach Cream 305
Inglot - 696
Jordana - Sapphire 140
China Glaze - Blue Year's eve 1021
China Glaze - Snow Globe 842
Jordana - Topcoat High Shine

Hope you guys liked this.

And I got an ANNOUNCEMENT to make!!
I made an YOUTUBE CHANNEL ... YEAY !! 
The link to the youtube channel is :
I will be posting next week again. Since I'm buying a new camera !! 

So see you guys again. 

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  1. likeeee your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!