Sunday, September 2, 2012

Never ending summer with Berrysfashion101

Hey cuties,

So you guys know I do allot of nail videos or DIY and it has been a long time since I did something for you guys. I'm so sorry for that, but school has been keeping me busy and by the time I arrive home the sun has gone down so no more filming.

But enough of that. I have a new video for you guys and today it is a FASHION video.
Something different from what you guys are used to.
Berryfashion101 also known as "Purfict shades of brown"  here on Blogger and I joined together to make this Collab video.

This means you guys will see 3 different styles in 2 different outfits.
Berry, Nina and me are so different from each other, and we want you guys to watch this video and relate in one way or another.

As you guys can see everyone has a different style with styling their shorts. You can have fun with it the way you want. 
Shorts also doesn't have to be really short. They can be a bit longer like the one Berry is wearing. They are also cute and hide the butt cheeks for the ones that have a big badonkadonk. 

 For a night out, everyone has their way of dressing up. Accessorizing or just plain and simple. Let the dress be the accessories.
You guys choose. Be bold with every outfit you wear and make it you, make it unique.
Other choices are as Nina did. Use a skirt and a top to let it seem like a dress. Mixing and matching to make a perfect outfit for night.

How would you guys style these outfits??

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