Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hey cuties,

Back again with another post.
School has been giving  us so much work and I am trying to keep up.
And as much as school wants to make my life impossible, Blogging can't fall behind.
I love this so much and I just wish that I could make this my job.

But now to the point. As you guys have read my Title, you guys may already know what this is about.
Karmaloop has another Modeling contest going on and this time I joined.
I always wanted to do this for a website and since this chance presented himself I took it.
So I would want to ask you guys to please vote for me.
If I can get the chance to win this, why not take it??
So this picture is what you guys will see to vote for. 
You can vote once per day, but you can always tweet to help. 

Hope you guys don't mind helping me. 

And guys stay tuned, because I got a Halloween nail series coming up.
Comment down and tell me what design you guys would like me to do.
I will make a video and try to post it every Monday.
And this Monday I shall post our fall nails some of you guys was waiting for. 

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