Saturday, September 1, 2012

What to wear to Curacao North Sea Jazz ? [night 2]

Hey cuties,

Today is the second day of Curaçao North Sea Jazz.
Yesterday we did some casual outfits. Today we're giving the more fashionable outfits for the fashionistas that want to go all out.
Remember that you can wear what ever you want, but  stay comfortable!!
 Rompers and Jumpsuits are great outfits to wear. You can make them casual but you can tone it up to with your accessories. There are some people that really want to wear their heels and be really fashionable during the night. So this is a great idea. Just don't go over the top, cause you don't want to take of your shoes tonight. Remember you are not the only one there.

Go for the bohemian look. You can choose between being chic bohemian or the more casual one. Maxi skirts & dresses are flowy and  they are not hot. Its easy to move in for the ones that will be dancing all night. Wear them with flats for that extra comfort. Bringing a totebag or a clutch is also needed. For the ones bringing the clutch, bring one with the straps. You don't want to hold this in your hand the whole night.
Use some cute hair accessories to complete the outfit.

So remember everyone. Its all about having fun. Because after today it's till next year again.
You want to worry about the music, not what you have on your body.