Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nail Affair | Fall nail trending nail polishes and designs

Hey cuties,

Its been a while that I have paid attention to my nails. Gotta excuse that. With my health in danger I didn't do it.
Now that I'm so much better we can start again.
We all know that your nails can be your best accessories to an outfit if you don't like arm candies.
If it is a simple nail design, an over the top one or just a simple manicure with a topcoat.
They all matter, they all complete the outfit without you even noticing it.

Fall is all about dark colors, more warm colors that we don't really use in the summer, but this year they threw that dark color rule out of the window. Like they say: "Rules are meant to be broken."
Well they did. This fall more and more bright colors are being portrait in outfits and of course in the manicures.

On the runway we have seen from neutral / natural nail colors to bold and bright ones. Every designer has their own perspective how they want the trend to be this year.
So I am going to talk all about them. My style is a bit more daring in the Fall and I will be doing some daring nail designs for the fall, but this post is more for the less daring girls out there that want keep it a bit simple.

Let's start off with the French manicure. We used to love this and do it all the time because its elegant, easy and fast to do. But since nowadays bold designs count we have thrown this design out of the window but designers like Thakoon and Joy Cioci brings it back in a more bold and unique way.
If you want to do this manicure, don't use the simple white that we usually do. Break out of your shell and use metallic or a bright red. Think outside of the box but still keep it you and not over the top.

Other nail trends we can see on the runway are just plain one colored full coated nail. This is just for the ones that has two left hands, or just want to make a statement because the french is a bit too simple.
Go for metallic or a dark wine red or just a deep blue. If you want to spice it up throw a mustard yellow on your nails or a tangerine. Yes go BIG or go HOME. But yes you guys get what I mean. Its just the nails that need a bit of color to call it an outfit.

Also mixing a lot of dark colors together to make the polish even darker on your nails is really great way to have a unique color. No one will ever achieve that same color you did and they will envy you for having such a brilliant idea.

And now for my girls that aren't allowed to use these bold colors for school, work or just lifestyle. Don't worry, you wont be out of fashion. Cause they didn't forget you guys and neither will I.
Go neutral or naked !
What does this mean? Well check out the picture.

Pick a nail polish that matches your skin tone. If you are really light pick a white nail polish. It will wash out your color but that is also a great look. Washed out skin color paired with awesome dark clothing to bring it all together.
For the medium to dark skin tones. You guys can use the gradient effect. Pic all colors that matches your skin tone and make it gradient. You are making it fun. But don't get crazy and use allot of browns and neutrals cause you might look just not good. Keep it simple with two different shades to make it more wearable for yourself.

So which nail design are you guys going to rock this Fall?

Let me know in the comment section! 

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