Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dreaming ... Never giving up!

Hey there,

Well the title says it all. Dreaming and never giving it up !
Everybody has a dream. Since you were a child you dreamed of being a princess or being a race car driver.
While we grow up our dreams change into something bigger.

I am a big dreamer and I will admit it. What I really want is to become a dancer.
I didn't attend any dance school ever. If it was a possibility I would have done it, but you know, everyone has their own life stories. And with me my mom didn't really want me to do dancing. So that was what stopped me from going to the school.
Since I didn't work back in those days I couldn't paid for it myself other wise I'd done it.

But I never gave up of becoming a dancer. I am still trying to learn the most dances possible. I never give up no matter how difficult the situation seem to be. The obstacles in the way are defeat able, you just need to try really hard to get there someday.

Some people give up after the first try or after the first rejection. Well one thing I have to say to those people is 'Change that!' or else you're never going to live. Rejection is a part of life and we have to learn to deal with it, no matter how much it hurts. That's what makes you better and after every rejection I say you are one step closer to your dream cause at one point after fixing all the flaws there will be one person who will see the good in you.
Same goes to not giving up after the first try. You need to keep trying over and over again! At one point maybe you'll say maybe that dream isn't meant to be for you. But if you can dream it why can't you put the effort in trying to make it. Maybe you won't make it 100% but if you have done at least 50% be happy!

And it's never to late to start chasing your dream. Dreams last forever. You have the time of your life to chase it and make it. So if it's not working out right now don't get upset. Maybe in the future it will work out for you. It just takes a matter of time and patience, cause you cant get everything all at once and without working for it. Don't sit back and wait for it to arrive, cause that's never ever going to happen.
Even if your a princess or a King. You gotta work your way to the top to reach that dream!

So it's up to you guys.
Dream big and let it go after a while or keep on holding till you get there?
I think we should just give it a chance and take every possibility you have if that really is a realistic dream.
Wanna become a dancer, pilot, chef, manager or something else? GO FOR IT ! 
Don't look back just keep on walking straight forward !

Hope you guys had fun reading,



  1. So am a grown ass woman,older than u,and yet am reading inspiration notes form you instead of the other way round.
    Am the kind who gives up if the first attempt is vain.u write beautifuly and am glad i came across ur blog.
    Today i got a kick in the but from u...Never give up Remmy!
    Thx Olyboly,i pray u achieve ur dreams one day.