Sunday, October 2, 2011

Panda Nails, World Animal Day

Hey there,

Like everyone knows. On October 4 it's World Animal Day.
So I was thinking why not paint my nails this theme.
I searched for some ideas on YouTube and I found the panda nails!!
The were soo cute... So I thought why not?

First thing I did was use a base coat to protect my nails.
Then I painted 3 fingers french tip green ( thinking of the Bamboo that Panda's love!), leaving my thumb and my ring finger plain. 
After that I painted an half circle on my thumb and my ring finger, which is the head of the panda.
With the same nail polish I dotted the other french tipped nails so it won't look dull.
Then I used my black nail polish en made 2 big dots at the end of the circle, with a bit of space between them.
After that I made 3 little dots, the 2 eyes next to each other and the nose right under them in the middle.
I let it dry for a couple of minutes then I pick up my white nail polish again and make 2 small dots in the eyes.
After everything is dry I use a base coat again to seal my design so it will stay on longer.

Here are some other cute designs you can do :

Hope you liked it,


  1. Adorable nails! I love the little panda's it's so cute ^_^

  2. Sooo cute !! the panda is definitively the cutest