Saturday, October 8, 2011

HipHop & Modern Jazz Workshop by Chico Suriel

Hi there,

You guys know I'm not a fashion follower, and I said in my first post I will blog about dancing. 
Well on October 6 I went to an workshop here on the Island. 
It was given by Chico Suriel, a graduated, professional dancer and known for his performance in "So You Think You Can Dance" 2010 in The Netherlands.
The workshop was on a school day for me, even though all other schools had vacation. That's the thing with University's. No vacation between the school days. Sucks pretty bad.
But yeah I went to the workshop anyway!
Arriving there I met Chico. Nice guy ! Then when the workshop began we all sat in a big circle and told everyone who we were and if we already danced. Thank God we didn't have to perform a little dance cause that would have sucked badly for me!
Well Chico explained that he danced with Taio Cruz and Usher. Some performance in Netherlands I think.
And he told us of a camp he went to in Germany to keep improving his dancing. And weird as it is. It was the same school I was searching background information of and was planning to go next year or over 2 years.
Here are some pictures of the workshop and I'll post a link down below here so you can see the Hip Hop training and the Modern Jazz training.

This was the group that participated in the Workshop

Me and my bestest Short  friend! she's a pretty good dancer !
Here we all have our certificate

Here are the two links :
Hip hop dance
Modern Jazz

I had fun doing it,
Till next time,


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