Friday, August 31, 2012

What to wear to Curacao North Sea Jazz?

Hey cuties,

Like most of you guys know Alicia Keys is here in Curaçao for the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival.
This Festival begins on Friday and ends on Saturday. A great festival with all Jazz bands and singers.
Every year Curaçao holds this big festival that lasts 2 to 3 days. Allot of people from all over the world comes here to enjoy this Festival.
For the ones that are attending I decided to make put some outfit collages together.

For the girls that are going to wear jeans make it fun and comfortable. You are going to stand the whole night and that means flats. If you want a little bit of height its always a great choice to take flatforms. They are just flats with a wedge heel on the bottom. This will make you look elegant as well. For the girls that are thinking of bringing a bag don't hesitate, because you are walking around with money and your cellphone so it will be much better to carry them in a purse but choose a crossbody bag. This keeps your hand free for when u are animating with the bands or just when you are going to buy drinks.

There are people who wants to go with shorts. That is also a nice choice of clothing, but remember to make it fun. You are still going to be around people and there will be cameras there.
Other choices that you can take in the place of flats is sneakers. These are more comfortable and they save your feet from spilled drinks.
If you are wearing something that will be exposing your back and arms you might want to bring a jacket or cardigan. It might get chilly and I don't think someone would want to cuddle at that time with you.
Wear minimal accessories to make the outfit cute but not over the top.

So what are you guys going to wear IF you're going?

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