Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blogger Challenge ~ Fantastic Fashion Gifts for £35 or less

Hello cuties,

I've joined another Blogger challenge from They sent me a personal mail to join this Challenge. I didn't see the message till 2 days ago.
This challenge is about looking for 5 different fantastic fashion gifts each no more than £35.
Well people tend to see the word "fashion" and immediately think about clothes, shoes and jewelry.
Well I thought about other things. Things that would be really usable in your daily life, that will still make you fashionable and don't break the bank. Cause we all know we don't really have to shop till we drop NOW!! December is coming soon and we will have to save the money to do some Black Friday shopping.

So let's start with these gifts. I choose gifts that I could give my fellow Bloggers. Even though its only 5 gifts.

First gift is an Nerd Herder gadget wallet.
When I saw this wallet I went crazy !! I am saving up for an Iphone and I know allot of other friends of mine that are too. And this is a nice way to keep your Iphone safe and your money. All things together in one place. This wallet is so good and it is so affordable.
Nerd Herder Gadger wallet     £18.46
With a shipping of less than £5.00

Second gift is an ILA Handbag hook & compact mirror.
This is for all the girls that always go out with a huge purse, because we all know women carries allot with them. So this hook comes in handy when you are going out eating. You just hook your bag, glide the compact part on the table and its stuck there for the night. After you're done, just glide it back off and put it back in you backpack.
As you guys see it is also a mirror. Great for all those girls that need a compact mirror and can't find one that is compact enough to fit in your purse.
ILA Handbag hook & Compact mirror     £14.50
With a shipping of no more than £5.00

Third gift is Band-Aid by Cynthia Rowley

These are so cute!! We always get booboo's and we got those boring band-aids to cover them. Well not anymore !! Now we got these fashionable ones that can match out outfits. It doesn't mean that because we have a booboo we got to put something plain and ugly on it.
Let's be serious here. If it is visible we clearly want it to be cute and fashionable.
Band-aid brand by Cynthia Rowley   £3.00
With a shipping of £5.00

Fourth gift is a beauty pack.

This beauty pack consists of 5 items. Every items has a price but together they don't pass the £35.00
Coin purse   £7.50
Make-up bag    £2.50
Pocket mirror & tissue holder   £3.00
Shoe bag    £4.50
Large make-up bag   £6.50
Together all af these come to the amount of £24.00
Every piece makes it different and unique.
For the ones that does love to keep their shoe boxes for their shoes this is a nice way to have a shoe bag that is nice on the outside and keep your shoes nice too.
The make up bags are purse sizes that we can use. U can use one for brushes only and the other one for the make-up you daily use.

This beauty pack is   £24.00
With a shipping of no more than £5.00

Fifth gift is a triple frame jewelry stand.
Allot of girls have too much jewelry that you can't even count on your fingers and toes. This Jewelry stand is usable for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
This is great for all these 3 items. Most of the time you get the ones that fit only bracelets, earrings, necklaces or rings. But this one takes 3 in 1, so that must be score.
And guess what? Buying this you will still have left over money to buy more gifts for December.

Triple frame jewelry stand    £20.00

With FREE shipping !!! (Another score!!)

If you guys want to do this challenge too just go here.
I hope you guys join this challenge, it was really fun and a bit hard to do.
It makes you think a bit out of the box and I would love to see what you guys found.


  1. I love the jewelry stand! It so pretty and I always ruin my jewelry as it gets all tangled! Cute Post! Good Luck :) x

  2. The fashion gifts shared over here are so nice. Thanks for sharing.