Monday, October 29, 2012

Nail Affair | Spook me out [Marvel nails]

Hey cuties,

It's almost Halloween, in two days you guys can go crazy and all out with dressing up, make up and nails.
Since I did allot of spooky nail designs I thought of a more cute one this time. The Heroes from Marvel.

Allot of you guys will be dressing like them so why not do the nails like them too.
Or just for the ones that aren't doing anything. Stay home and paint your nails. It's not like you have to get rid of the design by the next day. Marvel nails isn't only Halloween related. They are just something you can wear all year long.

From left to right : Superman, Wonder woman, Captain America, Flash, Green Lantern
To find out how to do this design check the tutorial out:

Have fun doing this design and send me pictures on twitter if you guys try it out.

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