Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This weeks CuraGlammer : Ruënna Mercelina

Hey cuties,

This week we are featuring a CuraGlammer allot of you guys out there would be interested in knowing her. She is making her name big internationally and showing off what Curaçao has got to offer.

Name : Ruënna Mercelina
Nickname : Suku
Age : 20 years old
Hobbies : modeling, acting, shopping.

Tell us a little about yourself. 
My name is Ruënna Altagracia Inez Mercelina and I am 20 years old. My birthday is on 18 January 1992 and I am a Capricorn. 
I am a student of UDC majoring in Business and Commerce. 
At the moment I am Miss Teenager Universe Curaçao. 

Describe your personal style. 
I am a stiletto-a-holic and can make any outfit work with a pair of stiletto. My personal fashion style is classy  and simple but with a pop of color. I also love color blocking.
Character wise I am a very sweet girl, open to talk to anybody and social. I love helping, giving a hand in the charity world or the youth. Also I am a perfectionist and if something doesn't go right I will get really irritated.

When did you start your carrier in modeling?
I stated modeling in 2004 at A2Z modeling. I was a Junior model Level A. Stayed in this modeling center for 2 years. After that I became a Model instructor in 2005.

What or who inspired you to start modeling?
In my last year of elementary school I had to do a talent show and it is then that I felt like I wanted to do something to entertain people. In high school I did the Miss Albert Schweitzer  pageant and than I felt like it was a passion to entertain people in the crowd. And since my role model is Tyra Banks I decided to follow her steps. 

When did you start going to pageants?
I started in 2008 in the pageant, Miss Curaçao Teenager.

In what type of pageants did you compete?
I competed in the following pageants:
Miss Curaçao Teenager        2008
Miss Ecstacy International     2008
Mis Caraibisch Hibiscus        2011
Miss Teenager Universe        2012

How does your family and friends support you in your carrier?
They always surround me with positive energy and encouragement. 

How do you juggle your school life with your carrier?
It is a very difficult task, but I do tell myself to never leave school behind. When I have to travel I always bring my books to study and I keep in touch with schoolmates via mail to know what homework was given or projects. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
I see myself as someone important in the community and using all means possible to help the youth. I want to encourage them to never give up and always follow their dreams and try to realize them.

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