Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fashionable wishes #002 |Leather clothing|

Hey cuties,

This fall we can see that leather is going to be huge!!
Everywhere sells outfit made of leather or has the leather accents.
Accessories made of leather is also starting to make a huge hit.

Today I searched a couple of inexpensive sites that have some leather items.
I searched the different categories from, outerwear, bottoms, Tops, shoes and accessories.
Every site has their little twist on these clothes.
Today we are covering Forever21, GoJane and Tobi. has a section just for leather this season. I covered their outerwear since they had a wider selection of jackets and they were all different in sizes and color.
Leather doesn't always have to be BLACK. They are making different colored leather clothing items.
The studded vest is a nice jacket that you can style with a faux fur scarf to make it more fall appropriate if it's to cold. has a great variety in leather bottoms. Even they have a page tribute to leather only.
There are skirts, leggings, shorts and more. I found this Spiked leather pleated skirt, really nice. Different from what we buy in the other stores that are just plain and simple.
Also I found these scalloped leather shorts. HOW CUTE ARE THEY??
We often see these types of shorts in lace or cotton, but not in leather so this is a nice twist to they fall fashion.
For those girls who want something a bit more daring. go to
They have those clothing where the leather is an accent and adds some spice to the outfit.
Check the blouse out with the leather pocket, cuffs and collar. Its a nice twist to an  sheer outfit.
A nice simple white dress with a daring Leather back is also always an perfect combination to be different.

Also there are accessories that are made of leather, like jewelry, bags and shoes.
It's up to everyone what they feel comfortable in to wear.
So now the question goes to you guys :
How are you guys going to wear your leather pieces?

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