Friday, October 19, 2012

Nail Affair | Spook me out [Creepy Halloween nails 2]

Hey cuties,

Monday I started the Halloween Nail Affair series, Spook me out!
We did the first set of mismatched nails for you guys to try out. Mix them with each other or just pick one and do that design on all nails.

Now this tutorial I didn't film it. I thought of just showing pictures how to do it since not everything should be video made. I will explain what to do and hopefully you guys will understand.
So let's start with looking at the whole design.
This design consists of 5 different designs. And like all Halloween tutorials I will be doing you get a variety to choose from. And there is always a plain one for the less daring girls out there.

Start off with your nails clean. Paint a basecoat on each nail. Than you can use any color background you want but I started with these colors, Thumb and ring finger black, index finger and pink white and middle finger green. 
My green polish was a neon polish so I had to use white as my base color. 

For the thumb we chose a skull design. Start of by painting the had. make a semi circle with a rectangle on the bottom. If needed, use a skull picture as guideline. 
Make the bones from the skull by using a bobby pin.You can also use a dotting tool, but for the ones that doesn't have one try finding a bobby pin in house. 
Make two diagonal lines that cross each other. At the end of every line use the dotting tool dipped in white polish to make small dots for the bones. 
For the eyes use the same dotting tool dipped in black. And the mouth/nose use a black striper and make a triangle.

On the index finger we are going to do the mummy. Yes, La mommia !! I just did it amateur style cause I ain't no painter. Just make half a circle on the top of the nail that will be the area where the eyes are. Than make some lines randomly that will resemblance the rolled towel. 
With the bobby pin you make the eyes. 

On the middle finger we are going to paint Frankenstein !! BUWHAHAHA!! With a black striper paint the hair, eyes and the mouth. Be creative with it, Make it fun. 
With this one you can also use a picture as a guideline. 

The ring finger will be the ghost of the family. Ow yes. We all have a different mind picture of ghosts so use your own creativity and make it fun while you do this. Remember to use a white polish. and don't forget the eyes, or else you will see some weird white shape on your nail !!

On the pink we paint a bat. This is the most difficult design to recreate, so take your time. Look at pictures also. Or just don't make this design ! 
After you're done just don't forget the topcoat to prevent chippingness. 

So if you guys try these out send them on twitter to me. #spookmeout

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  1. Wow, cute designs. Going to try this!
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