Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school series : School supplies

Hey cuties,

Happy Monday ...
Now it's a new day of the week and for most of us its a new school day or first day of school.
Well last week I started an back to school series and posted about revamping school books. To read all about last weeks post, click here.
This week I am going to cover this post with all the supplies you need for school and some extras for the ones that have the same Major as me, Engineering.

Well let's get started:

First of all we are going to need some school notebooks. Some classes give out papers and homework that you don't a notebook, but the ones that don't you gotta have one in hand.
Some teachers also love for the students to make notes in class. So be prepared for that, because interrupting a class just to ask another classmate for paper can be annoying.

1. Adhesive labels - To label all your items. It's easier to see which notebook or document folder you have to use that day for your classes.
2. Pen, Pencils, Erasers, Highlighters
3. Pencil pouch

Document folder or document case to store important paper they hand out or even homework.
As you guys can see I've been already using a couple of these.
The A3 document folders. I do allot of painting and I have to store them good for bigger projects. That is where those come in handy.

 1 Rulers - Nobody can ever go wrong with a ruler. The more you have the better. So buy one of every style they have.
2. Transparent paper
3. Sticky notes - For important annotations, reminders and allot more. Buy the colorful ones to make it more fun.
4. Drafting compass
5. Snap-off cutter.

Allot of girls bring their make up bag to school. I don't really wear make up since here it's super duper hot and most of the time I'm at school from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
So the things I bring are lotions, hand sanitizer and my BABY LIPS lip balm.
Something we also don't want to forget is our monthly visit items.
We don't want any accidents to happen.

Something else we can't forget is the backpack and an umbrella.
We can't go to school without a handbag or an backpack. We have got to bring a purse that can fit our schoolbooks.
Some people have lockers  at school so it's easier, but for the ones that don't buy a comfortable backpack or you will hurt your back.
The umbrella is an essential since you never know when it will rain and I don't think anyone wants their hair to get wet.

Something allot of people are using is planners. I didn't buy one cause I haven't used one last year since everything at college is on the internet for us.
But for the ones who really need them. It's always good to buy one.

So I hope this post has helped most of you guys out.
See you guys soon,


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