Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashionable wishes #001 |Denim Cutoffs|

Hey cuties,

I've been wanting to buy some shorts since the spring has started, but I couldn't get my hands on them.
I made a wishlist on all of them and I decided to share them with you.
Since all these shorts are from internet sites in the international cities, I dont think I will be able to get 50% of them any time soon.
But its always good to keep a wishlist. Never know...
Maybe some day I will be able to get them ... Has some cute things to choose from. There collection isn't big but damn I've fallen in love with these denim cutoffs. They are edgy and different from what I'm used to here.
Something that will turn faces and make people ask where u got them from! Is another fashion shop website. This site has the most awesome collection that I have ever seen. Different, edgy but still cute !!
I would love to shop one day from this site, but I gotta say its a bit expensive.
These cutoffs are so cute though!!  Maybe I will DIY the smiley one. That would be so different to walk around in. And of course a bright yellow will always catch other peoples eyes. has some cute collection too. I love browsing on this site cause there is a variety of items that you can choose from. As of here I chose the cutoffs with the peek-a-boo pockets. These denims are easy to DIY but for the studded ones I can better buy them since Curaçao hasn't been catching up with the trend yet.

So what you guys think of these denim cutoffs.
Which one did you guys like the most? Or which one would you want to see me do a DIY video on?
Let me know...

Till next time,

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