Saturday, August 4, 2012

July's Little Black Bag

Hey cuties,

Well in the month of July I ordered my Little Black bag.
I was so excited to order because I saw some backpacks for back to school !
So you can say I did back to school shopping.

If you guys don't know. Little black bag is a monthly subscription website were allot of High end brands come together and sell some of their products. The products can be up to $80, but you buy them for $50 and later get 2 extra items in your bag.
You can trade all of these items starting from the one you bought to the two others you got.
You get a whole week to trade your items.

I bought a Nila Anthony leopard print backpack.
After that I got a Snake Skin necklace and a BCBGeneration bracelet. I also got a bonus gift that was a Anti Snap hair treatment product.
I didn't like the Snake Skin Necklace so I really wanted to trade it. I got allot of offers I did not like.  So I was about to give up but 3 days before the ending of the trading someone wanted to trade the Robert Rose 3 rings with me. So I took it.

The BCBGeneration Bracelet wasn't suposed to get traded, but I got a offer for the Nila Anthony bag ( a different one) and I took it. School is about to start and I need a backpack much more than a bracelet.

All in all I was happy with what I got.

I would really say it is worth it to pay the $50. Everything came out perfect. I loved them all.
So I hope you guys try it out and let me know how it was.

See you guys soon,

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