Thursday, August 30, 2012

1 year anniversary

Hey cuties,

Oh yeah !!! Today it's officially 1 year that I'm blogging !!!
To me it seems like forever.
So now most of you will say, how come so little posts. Well today I will explain the whole debate I had with my blog account.

Looking bag I didn't even know what blogger was. The first time I saw a blog was "Shades of sexy little things" shared her post on Facebook. I read the whole post and then I went and see the whole blog of hers.
It made me think like why not start one myself. I always have something to talk about.
So I made it, but after that I didn't know anything to write.
It took me a whole weak to write another post.

After that my days was on & off. Cause I wasn't inspired to write anything. For a while I though you know what... Let's shut it down but I decided not to. I don't like giving up on something until its proven not to be for me.
I started searching for more Curaçao bloggers to get more excited making this blog work.
I found "Confessions of this Shopaholic" and my first Curaçao Youtube Guru "Ashna". This gave me a push to keep going on.

So now I have been blogging more and more and now it gets more exciting because #TCB, #TeamCuracaoBloggers is getting bigger and bigger by the day.
And I am so happy to keep meeting new people that have the same love as me, but with a different style.

And to all the followers, THANK YOU !!!!
You guys always make my day when you comment, or when you just read the post.
I appreciate it so much !!

So I don't want to make this blog post super long, but you guys are definitely going to see more and more posts of me.
It may not be everyday, but stay tuned cause I have allot of great plans that still needs some tweaking, but the end product should be GREAT !

What do guys want me to blog about?

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