Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School series : Revamping your notebooks

Hey cuties,

So school has started for most people. Here at Curaçao all schools have started and allot of people are searching for some information and tips to start the new school year.
And I thought of starting this Back to School series.

First we are going to start with something that will keep you guys busy for after school.
Revamping your notebooks. 
I did it and it was fun.  My notebooks are less boring and they have messages to keep me motivated thru out the year.
So I'm going to explain how to make these notebooks:

1. Buy a bunch of boring one colored notebooks.

2. Buy some scrapbook paper, glue and scissors.

3. Cut out the pictures you would like to use for your notebooks.

4. Glue them on your notebooks in a nice form, just the way u like it.

5. Search for some inspirational quotes online and write them down with a marker on your notebook.

6. You can use some adhesive paper to seal everything in so it doesn't come off when u go to school with the notebook.

I did this with only one notebook, because when I got to the other ones I got tired.
But I am planning on doing the other ones soon.

What allot of you guys can do too is also let friends write some messages to inspire you thru out the school year.
For me it always helped. I let my friends write in my planners wishes they have for me for the year.

Some sites u can use to get some inspirational quotes like I did are:

Scrapbook paper are easy to find at bookstores or at craft stores so you just pic out some fun colorful ones that have nice prints on them and that are easy to cut out.
Try cutting them as neatly as possible, cause if the frame is ugly you will see it when you glue them on.
You can always print out some from you computer or even from magazines.

I also have another Blogger that have done this but with magazines.
You guys should check out her revamp on her own notebook and see if you can mix ours together to create some wonderful notebooks.

Remember that you will always be unique with these notebooks. Nobody will have them since they are your style.
So get creative and do what you can do.

So have fun while doing this at home.
See you guys soon and I hope to see some super great Notebooks this school year


Stay true, Be you! 

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  1. Your notebook looks great!! It's fun to see different ways to kind of make your notebook less boring:D

    Cristina's Fashion Sense xx