Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall fashion staples and color trends

Hey cuties,

Fall season is just behind the door for most people. Well not for everyone, but we still like to keep up with the trends going on around the world.
Even though the summer never ends here I'll still share some of the outfits that I saw that are going to trend.
You can always implement them into your style and season.
Make it unique, make it YOU!
Something we all know that comes along with summer is scarves, combat boots, plaid, leather and knee high boots
These are all items that you can incorporate in your outfit the way you wanted.
You can also bring items from the summer into your fall wardrobe.
Items to bring are the floral clothes and the cross body bags.
Some of the colors that will be trending in the Fall are peach, tangerine, olive green and brown.

 Fall wont be really warm, but it wont be too cold either. So you can still rock your shorts. You gotta add some extras to the outfit to stay a little warm but it shouldn't be exaggerated.
Wide legged pants, turtle necks and trench coats are also summer staple pieces. The second outfit is a great work wear. It's simple but still really classy and comfortable.
Other colors that will be trending are deep teal, black, neutral and light purple.

Peplum is a fashion trend that is still in style and allot of persons love to wear it. You can get them in shirts, skirts and dresses.
Other styles that are really in are wedges and chunky heels. They are comfortable to wear for going out and for work wear.
Pencil skirts, blazers and button ups cant go missing either. Pair them up and it will be beautiful.
The other colors that will be trending are mustard yellow, wine red and light rose.

I hope all these outfits and information can help you guys by figuring out what to wear for this upcoming season.

So which outfit pairing did you guys like the most?

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